Lava Columns Exist In Only 4 Places In The World! One Of Them Is In That City In Turkey…

Rare lava columns are found in only 4 regions around the world. One of these rare and unique formations is located in Turkey. Here is that city in Turkey where lava columns are located...

Lava columns are interesting and spectacular geological formations that form where lava reaches the surface and begins to cool during volcanic activity.

These columns are usually formed during the cooling of volcanic lava flows and are seen where basaltic lava is particularly common.

These lava columns, which have a unique appearance, are found in only 4 places on Earth. They are rare and can be seen in Northern Ireland, Scotland, California and Turkey.

While these columns, which have a unique appearance, are generally known as horizontal, in Turkey they have been formed both horizontally and vertically.

Here is the city with lava columns in Turkey…

These unique formations, which are exactly 80 million years old, are found only on the Güzelcehisar coast of Bartın in Turkey.

The lava columns on the Güzelcehisar coast show pentagonal and hexagonal formations both horizontally and vertically.

The width of these eye-catching columns is 50 to 100 centimeters, while their length can reach up to 100 meters.

For local and foreign visitors who want to see these natural beauties, there are 800-meter-long wooden walkways, an observation terrace and a pier next to the lava columns.

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