LATEST SITUATION: Sergen Deveci, Melis İşiten and Ceyhun Fersoy Had a Traffic Accident

The devastating accident took place last night in Amasya Merzifon… The minibus under the direction of Aykut Bektaş, carrying the actors who set out to go to Samsun after staging the theater play ‘Head Trouble’ in Çorum, crashed into the TIR in front. In the terrible accident, Tolga Güleryüz, Burak Topçu and Özgür Karataş, who were trapped in the minibus, died at the scene. The driver and Özgür Ayaz, Burak Gülçebi, Melis İşiten, Sergen Deveci, Uğur Şalvarcıoğlu, Ceyhun Fersoy and Filiz Özbek were injured.

The injured were taken to hospitals in Merzifon and Suluova by ambulances sent to the accident site and treated. The bodies of the 3 people who died were taken out of the minibus and taken to the morgue.


Melis İşiten, Filiz Özbek and Aykut Bektaş, who were injured in the accident in the Merzifon district of Amasya, were discharged after their treatment at the hospital. Uğur Şalvarcıoğlu and Özgür Ayaz were referred to the hospital in Samsun. It was stated that Ceyhun Fersoy and Burak Gülçebi were treated in the hospital ward, and Sergen Deveci in the intensive care unit. It was learned that Sergen Deveci was kept in the intensive care unit for control purposes.


Amasya Governor Mustafa Masatlı made a statement regarding the accident in which 3 people died as a result of the minibus carrying the theater actors hit a truck in Amasya. Mustafa Masatlı said, “In the first examination, it was determined that the minibus carrying the theater team was fast.”


The minibus driver Aykut Bektaş, who was taken into custody after his treatment, was arrested by the judge, while the truck driver was released on condition of judicial control.

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