Latest Situation in Maiden’s Tower Restoration

The latest situation in the ongoing restoration works of the Maiden’s Tower, one of the iconic structures of Istanbul, has been displayed. While it is seen that the works on the pier continue, it was noted that the pipes were brought for the infrastructure work in the surrounding area.

Due to the restoration works initiated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2021, the canvas surrounding the Maiden’s Tower flew away after the storm last month. With the flying of the tarpaulins, the latest situation emerged in the restoration of the Maiden’s Tower. The conical part of the tower continues to be renewed in accordance with the original. While the restoration works were continuing at the pier, it was seen that pipes were brought by ships for the infrastructure.

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, who has been examining the Maiden’s Tower in the past months, stated that their goal is to bring the Maiden’s Tower together with the visitors by the end of March 2023. Explaining that the dome of the Maiden’s Tower puts a load on the structure, Minister Ersoy said, “When you use concrete and iron, you increase the load of the structure incredibly. While designing the existing structure, you are removing it from its static structure. You are causing serious damage to the structure in the medium and long term. You are breaking the static of the building. All the add-ons have been removed as much as the static allows. The building is suitable for demolition in a moderate earthquake. You are using 80 years old reinforced concrete,” he said.


Meanwhile, those who come to Üsküdar coast are watching the works on the tower. Mustafa Altay said, “Obviously, I did not expect such a thing. At least, it is right that this place gets stronger, I am in favor of it continuing as a museum.

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