LAST MINUTE NEWS!: Explosion sounds in Ukraine: Smoke rises from Kiev!

Explosions were heard in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, in the morning. Reuters agency passed the information that smoke rose in the north of the city.

Explosions took place one after another in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. It was announced that the explosions that occurred in the early hours of the morning were caused by Russia’s Kamikaze drones. While the authorities announced that 3 people lost their lives as a result of the attack, Ukrainian President Vlodimir Zelenski said, “The enemy may attack our cities, but they will not be able to tear us apart.”

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, woke up to the sounds of explosions.

According to the International News agency AFP, at least 3 explosions occurred in the city. Ukraine-based Kyiv Independent announced that at least 4 explosions occurred.

According to the information that AFP passed on to its subscribers with the ’emergency’ code, the explosions took place between 6:35 am and 6:58 am local time.


Kyiv Mayor Klitschko announced that the explosions occurred in the city center.

In his statement on Telegram, Klitschko gave information that the attack took place in the Shevchenkivski region, which was the target of Russian attacks last week.


In the statement made by the Presidential Office, it was stated that 3 people died as a result of the attack.


Minutes after this statement, the statement made by the Presidential Office of Ukraine stated that the explosions were false due to the kamikaze drone attack.

It is stated that just before the explosion sounds, the air defense systems in Kiev were activated.

Last Monday, Russia targeted many Ukrainian cities, especially Kyiv, in the morning hours, and 19 people died due to the attack.


Making a statement after the attacks targeting the Shevchenkivskyi region, Ukrainian President Vlodimir Zelenski stated that the attacks continued throughout the night and the civilian population was terrorized by the enemy. Stating that Russia targeted Ukraine with kamikaze UAVs and a building was damaged, Zelenski said, “The enemy may attack our cities, but they will not tear us apart. We will win the victory.”

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