Landslide At Gold Mine Site In Erzincan

Moments of a landslide in a large area where a gold mine is located in İliç district were captured on camera. A search and rescue operation was launched for 9 workers who are believed to be trapped under the cave-in.

A mining disaster occurred in Erzincan.

In İliç district, a landslide occurred in a large area where a gold mine is located.

In the area where the gold mine is located in Çöpler village, a huge pile of soil flowed into the valley…

Immediately after the incident, gendarmerie, AFAD and health teams were dispatched to the area where 667 workers were working in active shifts.

Search And Rescue Operation Launched

Teams started search and rescue operations for those trapped under the soil.

Governor Hamza Aydoğdu also moved to the region after the landslide.

Aydoğdu, who connected to Habertürk broadcast, gave information on the issue.

“There are workers buried under the ground”

Aydoğdu said, “The friends who are currently in that region have been identified. We need to wait to give clear information. I will inform the public shortly. We arrived from Erzincan within 25 minutes. We have now arrived at that area. In this process, the soil is taken out and stacked. At that time, a landslide occurred. All our friends are working on the cause of this. There are some workers buried under the soil, the number of people is not clear.”

The statement did not provide information on the number of workers trapped under the cave-in, but it was stated that Aydoğdu would make a detailed explanation.

9 People Unreachable

A statement on the issue came from Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya.

Yerlikaya said that although it is not clear, 9 of the 667 workers working in the shift have not been heard from. Yerlikaya also informed that a team of 400 people participated in the search and rescue operation.

Yerlikaya gave the following information about the incident in the broadcasts he attended:

Unfortunately, 9 workers have not been heard from since the area where the soil extracted from the mine was stacked could not support the weight. They are considered to be buried under the soil. As soon as we received the news from our governor, we quickly mobilized the AFAD Presidency.

AFAD employees, gendarmerie, police, Mehmetçik from 9 neighboring provinces… We have over 400 search and rescue workers. We have no shortage of machinery, they are working. Preparations such as generators for night work have been made.

Teams From Neighboring Provinces Mobilized To The Region

AFAD also took immediate action after the incident.

In the statement made by the organization, the following statements were made:

Today, around 14.00, a landslide occurred in a mine in İliç district of Erzincan province and it has been informed that there are citizens under the cave-in.

Personnel from our provincial AFAD directorates in Erzincan, Erzurum, Sivas, Rize, Rize, Malatya, Giresun, Diyarbakır, Tokat and Tunceli have been dispatched to the incident site.

We are following the developments.

“Those Under The Ground Have Not Yet Been Reached”

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca also made a statement on his social media account.

Koca said, “We are on duty for medical rescue and emergency health service with 6 Ambulances and 2 UMKE Teams due to a landslide incident in a mine in Erzincan İliç. The people who are thought to be under the soil have not yet been reached. May God protect us from this and all similar disasters.”

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