Istanbul Governorship Announced The Measures To Be Taken In The New Year

Istanbul Governorship Announced The Measures To Be Taken In The New Year

Istanbul Governor’s Office, in a statement regarding the measures to be taken at the beginning of the year, announced that the inspections in places and streets will be tightened and the number of personnel in charge will be increased.

In the statement made by the governor’s office, it was stated that inspections will be carried out in places that can be crowded, such as accommodation facilities, entertainment venues, restaurants and cafes, and the number of personnel will be increased.


In the statement made by the Governor’s Office, “New Year’s Eve security measures have been taken in our province in line with the circulars of our Ministry of Interior in order to ensure that our citizens enter the New Year in peace and security. In addition to the security measures specified in the circular, the following measures have been taken in our province for our citizens to spend New Year’s Eve in a decent atmosphere day and night: “In peace and tranquility. they can easily meet their needs without being victimized. security,” he said.

New Year

The measures taken by the Istanbul Governor’s Office are as follows:

  • Accommodation facilities, entertainment venues, restaurants, cafes, etc., where the density of people may increase due to New Year’s programs. Effective, intensive and sustainable inspections will be carried out from place to place and the number of assigned personnel will be increased.
  • All security measures will be taken by our security units in shopping malls, airports, bus stations and stations of public transportation vehicles, squares, areas where our citizens show great interest, and entertainment venues where celebrations are held.
  • At the beginning of the new year, measures will be increased and implemented in areas, squares and venues where our citizens can celebrate.
  • A sufficient number of personnel will be assigned to health institutions by the Provincial Health Directorate and full health services including emergency services will be provided.
  • All kinds of preparations and vigilance will be made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (Fire Brigade) against fire and similar dangers.
  • Municipality, Constabulary and Gendarmerie personnel will take the highest level of precautions in order not to interrupt their duties due to the New Year’s Eve, and the duty services will be carried out uninterruptedly.
  • Traffic, municipal police and tax inspectors will carry out their inspections and controls effectively in teams.
  • Necessary measures will be taken by the relevant institutions against telephone breakdowns and electricity, water, natural gas interruptions and malfunctions.
New Year

Emergency Calls;

  • 112 Emergency Call Center
  • 153 IMM White Painting
  • 185 Water Outage Notification
  • 186 Electrical Fault Notification
  • 187 Natural Gas Fault Notification

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