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Bahçelievler is a district located on the European side of İstanbul. The district has one of the highest population density among the districts of the city. It is neighbor to Bakırköy from the south, Küçükçekmece from the west, Bağcılar from the north and Güngören from the east. Bahçelievler is one of the economically leading districts in the city. In addition to this, the first coke plant in Turkey and one of the first industrial sites in the county are established in the district. Bahçelievler also hosts many important institutions and organizations, cultural centers and shopping centers. On the other hand, there are many university campuses are located in Bahçelievler district such as Marmara University, İstanbul Kültür University and İstanbul Aydın University. There are also many places to visit in Bahçelievler like parks and recreation areas. Check out the most comprehensive Bahçelievler district guide now. You will find the answers of many questions like “Places to see in Bahçelievler” or “How to get to Bahçelievler?” in this guide.

District Name



Population Density

Population Growth Rate

Surface Area

Number of Neighbourhood




36.6 / km2

2,86 %

16.7 km2


Do you want to get detailed information about hospitals in Bahçelievler? If you’re, our special health guide will be helpful for you. In Bahçelievler, there are 1 state hospital and 12 private hospital. In addition, there are many medical centers, eye hospitals, dialysis centers, oral and dental health clinics in the district. Bahçelievler has also Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center. Especially, you can get high-quality health services in Bahçelievler State Hospital.

If you are looking for real estate for sale in Bahçelievler or real estate for rent in Bahçelievler, you are on the right page. The prices of houses for sale in Bahçelievler have increased by 8.59% in the last year. The average residential area is 105 square meters. The depreciation period of the houses for sale is around 21 years. The neighborhoods that gained the most value in Bahçelievler district were Çobançeşme, Kocasinan Merkez, Bahçelievler, Cumhuriyet, Zafer respectively. On the other hand, the neighborhoods with the fastest return in Bahçelievler district were Yenibosna Merkez, Çobançeşme, Zafer, Fevzi Çakmak, Hürriyet respectively. Since affordable and luxurious housing projects are built in these regions, it is preferred by those who want to invest. You can make the most correct investment by examining our ads for apartment options for sale from Bahçelievler real estate agent. You can also add your listings easily if you are selling or renting a house in different neighborhoods of Bahçelievler.

Accommodation in Bahçelievler is an important issue for people who visit city for different purposes like tourism or business. In Bahçelievler, close to the city center, it is possible to find hotels in all-inclusive concept and accommodation options that serve in bed and breakfast, half board and room concepts only. You can stay in Bahçelievler hotels suitable for the needs of visitors coming to Bahçelievler for business and tourism purposes. You can find a lot of accommodation alternatives in Bahçelievler.

You will find the answers of the “Best places to visit in Bahçelievler” or “Top 10 things to do and see in Bahçelievler” questions in this guide. Choose your destination, click on the guide and start discovering Bahçelievler deeply now. The district has a lot of places to visit. When you come to Bahçelievler, you can spend time in shopping malls, shopping streets, street markets, clothing market, parks and picnic areas. Besides, since the district is located in the city center in İstanbul, you can easily reach most popular places to visit. There are many shopping malls in the district such as MetroPort AVM and Kuyumcukent AVM. You can choose these shopping and living centers for food, shopping, cinema and ice skating. Milli Egemenlik ParkBahçelievler Picnic AreaÇatalmeşe Recreation AreaBahçelievler Forest Grove and City Grove Picnic Area are among the other places you can visit in the district. They offer a pleasant environment for those who want to get forest air in the city with their lush atmosphere. The Siyavuşpaşa Pavilion (Pool Pavilion) which is located in the Milli Egemenlik Park and Çobançeşme Bridge or Mimar Sinan Bridge which is belonging to the period of the Eastern Roman Empire, are among the historical places that can be seen in the district. For more, check out our guide now!

The population density and the number of business centers are increasing in Bahçelievler. Therefore, transportation options to the district are also quite high. You can reach Bahçelievler directly by metro, bus and minibus lines.

You can easily reach Bahçelievler by Metrobus, which provides transportation between Kadıköy and Beylikdüzü. You can use the Metrobus with İncirli / Ömür, Bahçelievler, Şirinevler, Yenibosna Metro Station stops. If you desire, you can also choose connecting transfer options such as Marmaray and ferry to Bahçelievler.

On the other hand, you can go to Bahçelievler by using the metro lines below.

M1 Aksaray – Airport Metro Line
T1 Kabataş – Eminönü – Zeytinburnu – Bağcılar Tram Line
M3 Bağcılar Kirazlı – Bakırköy İDO Metro Line


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