Israel launched an airstrike on the Sabra neighborhood in the Gaza Strip!

Israel launched an airstrike on the Sabra neighborhood in the Gaza Strip! Many dead and wounded

According to breaking news from the Palestinian News Agency, Israeli warplanes launched an airstrike on the Sabra neighborhood in the central Gaza Strip. It was reported that nearly 50 Palestinians were killed and many others were wounded as a result of the attack.

The Israeli army’s attacks on the blockaded Gaza Strip continue on its 41st day. Israeli warplanes bombarded the Sabra neighborhood in the center this morning. Nearly 50 people were killed and many people were injured in the attacks.


On the morning of October 7, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, launched a comprehensive operation against Israel under the name “Aqsa Flood”. The Israeli army also launched an attack on the Gaza Strip with dozens of warplanes. Bombarding schools, houses and mosques, Israel is also continuously hitting hospitals where civilians take shelter. In 41 days of massacre, more than 11,000 people have been killed and thousands injured in Gaza. However, there is no fuel, electricity or water in the city due to the blockade. Therefore, people are left to die.



On the pretext that Hamas forces were in every place where civilians took refuge, the Israeli army raided the Shifa Hospital in Gaza the previous night, the largest health facility in the region, where thousands of patients and displaced civilians are located. After the raid, Israel’s presentation of rusty weapons and several cameras it claimed to have found in the building as evidence instead of tunnels and arsenals caused criticism. Hamas warned against a massacre during the Israeli army raid on the Shifa Hospital in Gaza, holding Israel, the United States and the international community responsible for the safety of medical staff, the wounded and thousands of displaced Palestinians in the hospital.


The Palestinian News Agency reported that nearly 50 people were killed and dozens injured in Israeli warplanes’ airstrikes on the Sabra neighborhood in the central Gaza Strip. According to WAFA, an airstrike on a house in the Nusayrat Refugee Camp in the central Gaza Strip also killed and wounded a number of people. Warplanes targeted the area around Indonesia Hospital and Beit Lahiya area in the northern part of the city.



In a statement released by the Israeli army, it was stated that Israeli warplanes bombed the house of Hamas Political Bureau Chairman Ismail Heniyye in the Gaza Strip. In the statement, which also shared images of the moment of the attack, it was claimed that the house in question was used as a “meeting point for senior Hamas figures” from time to time. Local sources reported that Hamas leader Heniyye was outside the Gaza Strip during the attack.

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