Is Turkey First in the World in Organized Crime Index?

What is Organized Crime Index?

The image used in the shared claim belongs to the Global Organized Crime Index 2020 report of the International Organized Crime Initiative. This index compares the organized crime activity that has developed in 193 UN member states.

The index, which addresses crimes such as mafia-like groups, criminal networks, state or non-state criminal actors, human trafficking, exploitation, arms trafficking, habitat destruction, and drug trafficking, is rated from the lowest 1 to the highest 10. In addition, the resilience of countries against the organized crime threat is scaled under the name of ‘resilience’ in the same index, through other indicators such as governance transparency and accountability and the rule of law.

What is the rank of Turkey in Organized Crime Index?

According to the latest report of the index, Turkey ranked 12th among 193 countries in 2020 with a score of 6.89 in organized crime. With this score, Turkey ranked first among European countries, fifth in Asia and third in Western Asia. This time, Turkey ranked 151st among 193 countries in resistance against organized crime with 3.54 points.

The Organized Crime Index’s Turkey report shows that the highest rates of organized crime, with a score of 9 out of 10, are human trafficking, crimes against non-renewable resources, and state-sponsored actors in criminal powers.

Turkey’s ‘Resistance Against Organized Crime’ report shows that the weakest factors are the justice system and its oversight and the prevention of money laundering. In these factors, Turkey got 2 points out of 10 in the index. According to this index in 2021, the first country in organized crime was the Democratic Republic of Congo with a score of 7.75.

The claim is FALSE

The Global Organized Crime Index report is published annually by the International Organized Crime Initiative. The last report on the index was published in 2021 and covers the year 2020. In this report, the world’s organized crime index is 4.88, with 1 being the lowest and 10 the highest; Turkey was recorded as 6.89. With this score, Turkey ranks first in Europe, third among West Asian countries, and twelfth among all world countries in organized crime.

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