Is the Vine App Coming Back? Elon Musk Left the Answer to You Again!

Is the Vine App Coming Back? Elon Musk Left the Answer to You Again!

Is Vine, once the most popular short video sharing app, coming back? Elon Musk opened a survey for this. Here are the details!

Vine, which was once one of the most popular applications and has a large number of users, is coming back to the agenda with Elon Musk. The platform, which is a short video sharing application, has paved the way for many names that are now influencers or celebrities.

In 2022, Elon Musk told Twitter engineers to relaunch Vine. At that time, he even asked users for their opinion with the question “Bring back Vine?” just like now.

Should TikTok, YouTube and Instagram Worry?

Musk still hasn’t brought Vine back, even though he got over 69% “Yes” in a survey he conducted 2 years ago. The famous YouTuber MrBeast also responded to his survey at the time and emphasized that it would be fun to compete with TikTok.

Vine App

Elon Musk also asked MrBeast what he could do to make it better than TikTok, raising hopes that Vine would return. Yesterday evening, the famous billionaire invited his users to the survey with the question “Bring back Vine?” again on X.

There is currently a 70% “Yes” vote. Of course, when we consider that two years ago, we shouldn’t get our hopes up that Vine will come back.

However, if the Vine app returns, will it have its former popularity? How much competition will it face from TikTok or Shorts, Reels? We will see all of this if the app returns.

So what do you think about this issue? Do you think the Vine application should come back? If it comes, will you use it too? We are waiting for comments.

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