Is it Reincarnation? Luke, 5 Years Old: “I Died in A Fire 29 Years Ago”

A 5-year-old boy named Luke Ruehlman living in the United States managed to settle on the agenda of the country by claiming that he was reborn after he died in a hotel fire in 1993. The story of the boy, who strengthened his reincarnation claims, took place in the world press, especially in America.

Reincarnation, which means the soul’s reincarnation in another body after death, became a hot topic in America after a 5-year-old boy named Luke Ruehlman. The little boy, who claimed to remember his previous life, said that he was resurrected in another body and explained his past death in all details. The little boy insisted he lived as Pam Robinson, an African-American woman who died in a fire at Chicago’s Paxton Hotel in 1993.


Erika, the mother of 5-year-old Luke, said that when her son was just 2 years old, he mentioned a woman named Pam. When the mother asked her son who the woman named Pam was, she said, “She turned to me and said, ‘That was me. I used to be carved, but I died and went to heaven. I saw God and finally God sent me back. “I was born a baby and you named me Luke,” she said. I couldn’t hide my surprise when I heard this,” he said.

The family was shocked by what their younger son told them. Luke insisted that he traveled to Chicago by train, but his parents stated that they lived in Cincinnati, Ohio and the little boy had never been to Chicago before. At the same time, the family said they didn’t know anyone named Pam.


Luke said he jumped from a building during a fire at the Paxton Hotel in Chicago and brought himself back to life after meeting with God. Her mother then discovered a news about the fire in 1993 and learned that 19 people lost their lives in this fire. After the child’s allegations came to the fore, Luke decided to be the guest of “The Ghost Inside My Child” with his family.


On the show “The Ghost Inside My Child”, he showed his young child a photo of nearly 30 black women, including Pam, who died in the fire. Among the women, Luke managed to find Pam the first time. Upon this, mother Erika contacted Pam’s family and stated that there were some similarities in the personality of her son and the deceased woman.

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