Is Facebook Ending the Battery Life of Smartphones?

A former Meta employee has claimed that Facebook’s apps are deliberately draining users’ smartphone battery. Allegedly, this is caused by the negative test process.

A very important secret about the popular social media platform Facebook has been deciphered. Former Meta employee in charge of data processing and analysis, George Hayward, claimed that users are deliberately draining their smartphone batteries through the company’s apps.

According to Hayward, this is all about a process called negative testing. In this process, technology companies secretly test some features of their services, which causes extra load on the smartphone and drains the battery.

George Hayward said the negative test was conducted on the company’s Messenger instant messaging app, in addition to Facebook. The former Meta employee states that he had an argument with his manager because of this, but received the response that “by hurting a few people we can help a larger audience”.

Dismissed for Opposing

Stating that he was fired for opposing the negative testing process, Hayward filed a lawsuit against Meta in Manhattan Federal Court. The premise of the lawsuit in question is that Facebook users may not be able to access their phones when they need it most.

Attorney Dan Kaiser emphasized that users’ smartphone battery consumption poses a danger to them, adding: “It is illegal and ugly for someone to manipulate my phone’s battery.

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