Is Apple Watch Racist?

A user who claimed that his Apple Watch smartwatch gave incorrect results based on the color of the skin when measuring the oxygen value in the blood filed a lawsuit in the USA.

Especially in the USA, the issue of racism has been a big problem for years and we see that there are big protests from time to time. So much so that there are claims that electronic devices change the detection mechanisms of people according to skin color. A US citizen complained about the Apple Watch series.

Is the Apple Watch Racist?

According to the lawsuit filed in the New York courts, the Apple Watch model makes changes in the oxygen measurement in the blood depending on the dark skin. Between 2020-2021, the user personally tested the wrong measurements.

Since it is especially popular during the pandemic period, incorrect measurement of the oxygen value in the blood can trigger a chain of neglect leading to death. The user also stated this in his petition and claimed that many measuring devices gave wrong results on dark skin.

Although it was opened in the New York region, Apple Watch users in regions such as Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Alaska, Iowa, Mississippi, Arkansas, and North Carolina are also included in the case. If Apple is found guilty, it may have to pay compensation to all users.

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