Iraqi Warships Entered Kuwait’s Territorial Waters

Three warships belonging to Iraq entered the territorial waters of Kuwait. The Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that a memorandum was issued demanding the immediate withdrawal of these ships. In the statement, it was emphasized that any violation affecting the sovereignty of Kuwait is denied and the right to respond in accordance with legal means is reserved. No statement has been made yet from Iraq on the subject.

While the world was closely following the war between Ukraine and Russia and the missile tests of North Korea, an unexpected development occurred. Three Iraqi warships entered Kuwaiti territorial waters. Calling for the immediate withdrawal of the ships, Kuwait said in a statement that it reserved its right to respond in accordance with legal means. There has been no explanation yet from Iraq regarding the development that led to the crisis.


In a written statement from the Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Kuwait’s Ambassador to Iraq Tariq al-Farac met with the Head of the Arab Department of the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Osama er-Rifai, and informed that three ships of the Iraqi navy violated Kuwait’s territorial waters and that these ships were immediately returned. It was reported that he had given a memorandum demanding his withdrawal.

In the statement, which stated that Kuwait is ready for cooperation with brotherly Iraq as stipulated in the Hur Abdullah Agreement, which was signed between the two countries and based on the drawing of the maritime border between the two countries, any violation affecting Kuwait’s sovereignty is denied and to respond in accordance with legal means. stressed that the right is reserved.

The statement called on Iraq to cooperate in all matters that will strengthen fraternal ties, and in a way that will increase the security of the two countries and the stability of the region.


No statement has been made so far from the Iraqi authorities regarding the incident.


The international Hur Abdullah Agreement, which defines the Iraq-Kuwait borders, was signed by the governments of the two countries in 2012. The agreement, in general terms, envisages joint cooperation between the two countries on maritime transport.

The Kuwait-Iraq border crisis came after a long period of calm between the two sides after Iraq’s overthrown leader Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in 1990.

High-level visits between the two countries, Kuwait’s opening of a consulate in Najaf, Iraq, and Kuwait’s support conference for the reconstruction of Iraq in February 2018 were among the important developments in bilateral relations.

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