iOS 17.4 Beta 3 Released: What’s New?

Apple has publicly released iOS 17.4 Beta 3, the third beta of iOS 17.4. So what's new with the new version? Here are the details!Apple has publicly released iOS 17.4 Beta 3, the third beta of iOS 17.4. So what's new with the new version? Here are the details!

Apple today introduced the first betas of iOS 17.4 and iPadOS 17.4 to developers, bringing some radical new features to iPhones and iPads in Europe. Most of the big changes will only affect EU users, but there are also updates to the operating system that are available worldwide.

Table of Contents

1.Alternative Application Stores
2.Alternative Payment Options
3.Third Party Browser Updates
4.NFC Access
5.Game App Changes
6.New Emojis
7.Messaging with Siri
8.Podcasts and Music
9.Podcast Transcripts
11.Stolen Device Protection

Alternative Application Stores

Apple has made some important changes to the App Store and the way apps work in the European Union to comply with the Digital Markets Act.

App developers in the EU can now choose to offer alternative app stores or upload their apps through alternative stores, and Apple has a brand new fee structure with this change. Developers have a new business structure to choose from, and this applies to both apps distributed through the App Store and apps distributed through alternative routes.

App developers using the new system will have to pay a standard fee of 0.50 euros per user per year, with the first 1 million installs available for free. Apps distributed through alternative app stores will not be charged a commission.

Alternative Payment Options

Apple is also now allowing developers to use alternative payment options in their apps and no longer requires in-app purchases.

Developers who distribute their apps through the App Store and use an alternative payment option will see a 3% discount on App Store fees.

Third Party Browser Updates

EU users who open Safari after updating to iOS 17.4 will see a pop-up window that allows them to choose a new default browser option from a list of the most popular browsers on iOS.

Apple also allows alternative browser engines and will not limit browsers like Chrome to the WebKit engine.

NFC Access

With iOS 17.4, third-party payment apps and banks can access the NFC chip in iPhone and offer contactless payments directly from iPhone without using the Apple Pay or Wallet app.

Users can set a default contactless payment provider that activates at tap-to-pay terminals or by double-pressing the side button on iPhone.

The option to set a default contactless payment provider will be available in the Settings app in the EU, which will also provide details on all apps that request and are allowed contactless payment access.

Game App Changes

Streaming gaming apps are now allowed in the App Store worldwide. This means that services like Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce NOW can be offered as standalone iPhone and iPad apps.

Apple previously only allowed cloud gaming services to be offered over the web.

New Emojis

The iOS 17.4 beta adds new emoji characters such as kiwi, edible brown mushroom, phoenix, broken chain, vertical head nod (“nod” for “yes”) and horizontal head nod (“nod” for “no”).

Messaging with Siri

The Automatically Send Messages setting under Siri and Search has been renamed “Messaging with Siri” and the option to set Siri to read incoming messages in a specific language, such as Spanish, French, German, Chinese, etc. has been added.

Podcasts and Music

The “Listen Now” tabs in Apple Music and Podcasts have been renamed “Home”.

Podcast Transcripts

The Podcasts app now offers transcripts similar to how lyrics work in the Apple Music app.


The URL/search bar in Safari is now wider than before.

Stolen Device Protection

The Stolen Device Protection section of the Settings app now has the option to require a security delay always or only when away from familiar places.

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