Interim holiday activity in tourism: Here are the most preferred routes

Interim holiday activity in tourism: Here are the most preferred routes

The first midterm vacation for millions of students is just days away. Hotel reservations started to fill up. The most preferred routes were Antalya at home and Dubai abroad. So what about hotel and tour prices? Here are the details…

Those who want to make use of the one-week break to be given to education on Monday, November 13, by taking a holiday with their children have turned to accommodation facilities with spa and cultural tourism opportunities as well as coastal resorts.

Mehmet İşler, Vice President of the Federation of Hoteliers of Turkey, said that there was activity in the domestic market before the intermediate holiday at the end of the high season for the tourism sector.

Stating that both thermal and nature facilities and beach facilities attract attention due to the seasonal transition, İşler said, “In this regard, our facilities are doing some different activities for our children. There is a mobility of up to 50 percent in our facilities, especially in Antalya, Bodrum, Marmaris, Denizli, Cappadocia and the entire Aegean, brought by the interim holiday. We see that coastal resorts are preferred especially in Izmir, Antalya and Istanbul. This is a breathing space for our citizens, morale and motivation for our children, and a lifeline for the sector.”

Stating that indoor pool activities for children, SPA and various exercises for adults attract attention during this period, İşler said, “Economic packages suitable for family needs are made from the facility with a small room on the beaches to five-star hotels. It may vary according to the region, but there are currently prices for every pocket.”

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Bülent İlbahar, President of Kuşadası Tourism Association, stated that they had a very good July and August and that the intensity in the season continued, albeit slightly, with the good weather.

İlbahar pointed out that the mid-term break activated the winter period and said, “School vacation is starting. It is a good thing for students. Hotels are very expensive in summer. The situation of the hotels is more favorable right now. There were many who could not go in the summer. Now they are buying 3-4 day packages. Interim vacation provides 40 percent benefit to the sector in the winter period. This makes us tourism professionals happy. Interim vacations are very useful for this reason.”

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