Interest in Shorts Videos is Growing: YouTube Publishes Latest Data!

Interest in Shorts Videos is Growing: YouTube Publishes Latest Data!

YouTube has shared new data on Shorts videos, which have rapidly become popular after their launch in recent years. Here are the details!

YouTube Shorts was originally launched in the fall of 2020 as an India-only response to India’s ban on TikTok, but it quickly spread around the world and is now a very popular feature. To confirm this, YouTube has shared some new data specific to Shorts.

The new data shared by YouTube was compiled on the company’s official blog page. According to the information shared with the readers, Shorts videos are being viewed more than 70 billion times a day.

These are numbers that perhaps even YouTube couldn’t have imagined when Shorts videos were first introduced on the platform, but the company has adapted to the changing times and now Shorts is not only a popular feature, but also offers creators a whole new way to make money and a whole new way for creators to be creative on the YouTube platform.

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Shorts Videos Continue to Monetize Creators

Monetizing Shorts videos on YouTube wasn’t possible until last year, but the company included Shorts in its YouTube Partner Program (YPP), allowing creators to apply and monetize Shorts as well.

According to shared statistics, creators in the YPP (more than 25% of all of them) monetize only on Shorts. The data also shows that creators who are successful with Shorts usually manage to generate good long-term revenue from all other YouTube properties as well. YouTube says that more than 80% of creators who monetize Shorts videos also manage to monetize other content options.

While Shorts videos have been a huge success, long-form videos are likely to remain YouTube’s mainstay.

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