Intense Interest on Turkish Lira in Moscow: More Valuable Than Euro

After Russia attacked Ukraine, the Turkish lira became one of Moscow’s most valuable currencies. In the exchange offices in Moscow, it was seen that the Turkish Lira was more valuable than the Euro. Euro Moscow, the currency of EU countries, is losing value in the free market due to the sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union countries and the decisions to freeze the assets of Russian businessmen. In the video taken from a currency exchange office in Moscow, it turned out that the Turkish Lira is more valuable than the Euro.

Turkish Lira Overtakes Euro in Moscow

According to the image taken in Moscow; The Turkish Lira is the second most valuable currency after the Dollar. While the dollar is sold at 102 rubles in the Moscow free market, the Turkish lira is traded secondly at 66.40 rubles. The Turkish Lira is followed by the Euro with 60.00 rubles.

Turkey’s Peace Step

Russia; It is one of the countries with which Turkey maintains the most important commercial relations in terms of both imports, exports and tourism. In the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Turkey did not participate in the sanction decisions and preferred the third way, peace and reconciliation. Finally, the foreign ministers of Russia and Ukraine met in Antalya, hosted by Turkey. Turkey announced that it will continue its peace initiatives.

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