Instagram Takes a New Step in the Fight Against Harassment: Expands Close Friends Feature!

Instagram Takes a New Step in the Fight Against Harassment: Expands Close Friends Feature!

Instagram is expanding its ‘Close Friends’ feature to prevent harassment for young people. The company announced this step as a precaution against harassment. Here are the details!

In a new step to combat harassment, Instagram is strengthening its “Limits” tool to protect young people on the platform. This feature aims to provide a safe environment by allowing young people to limit unwanted interactions.

With this update, users will be able to mute all interactions on the platform, except for interactions in the “Close Friends” group.

Instagram Strengthens Limits Feature!

Instagram launched the Limits feature as a test after British soccer players were harassed online in 2021. Currently, anyone can use it, but it only allows you to restrict interactions with people you follow.

This feature comes by default for users with the “Close Friends” setting, which Instagram says is specifically intended to protect against bullying and harassment. This means that interactions with accounts outside of one’s “Close Friends” are silent and do not appear in the feed. Alternatively, young people can limit their interactions with recent followers.

Instagram Takes a New Step

The company is also adding new functionality to the “Limits” feature that allows you to limit interactions from certain accounts without blocking them. Instagram will hide all comments from restricted accounts and they will not be able to tag or mention you.

Earlier this year, Meta introduced new restrictions that prevent users over the age of 18 from sending messages to teens they don’t follow. In April, the company introduced a feature to blur nudity in Instagram messages aimed at teens.

Meta’s move is seen as a “good faith” move by the company as it faces scrutiny in several regions over the safety of young people. Last October, more than 40 states in the US sued Meta, claiming that the product design affected the mental health of young people.

Also earlier this month, the European Union launched an investigation into Facebook and Instagram for addictive designs and negative effects on children’s mental health.

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