Increase Decision from Netflix Turkey: Subscription Prices Increased!

Increase Decision from Netflix Turkey: Subscription Prices Increased!

Netflix Turkey took a step to upset users about the subscription price. With the decision taken, the subscription fees of the digital broadcasting platform were increased.

Netflix Turkey has signed a very important decision for the subscription price. As a result of the decision taken by the digital broadcasting platform, subscription fees increased. So, how much will you have to pay to watch content on Netflix?

How Much Is Netflix Turkey Subscription Price?

  • Basic Plan 119.99 TL → 149.99 TL
  • Standard Plan TL 176.99 → TL 229.99
  • Special Plan TL 229.99 → TL 299.99

Netflix, the digital streaming service with a huge popularity around the world, has once again raised its prices in Turkey. As a result of the hike, the price of the popular service’s three different subscription plans – Basic Plan, Standard Plan and Special Plan – has increased significantly.

Netflix Turkey

The price of the subscription type called Basic Plan increased from 119.99 TL to 149.99 TL. The Standard Plan, on the other hand, went up from $176.99 to $229.99. It used to be enough to pay 229.99 TL for a Special Plan subscription on the popular digital streaming platform, but with the increase, 299.99 TL is now required.

Netflix, which is the first service that comes to mind when it comes to digital streaming service, had decided to raise in Turkey in recent months. As a result of the decision taken by the company, the price of three different subscription plans increased.

Netflix Turkey’s official Twitter account was made a statement about the price increase in recent months. Stating that both the number of content is increasing every day and that they continue to produce the highest quality works, Netflix Turkey said that they adjusted their price policies accordingly and that they made price increases in different periods in all countries.

What do you think about the hike by the digital broadcasting platform preferred by millions of people all over the world? Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the subject with us in the comments section below.

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