Important Statements from President Erdogan

Important Statements from President Erdogan

Speaking at the Bandırma Boron Carbide Production Facility Opening Ceremony, President Erdoğan said that Turkey will become an important player in this field. Erdogan also stated that there is a record demand for Togg, which has started to take pre-orders.

Bandırma Boron Carbide Production Facility in Balıkesir was opened with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the facility, Erdoğan said that boron carbide is indispensable for the defense industry.

Stating that the facility with an investment value of 80 million dollars will be the first in Turkey and one of the few in the world, Erdoğan said, “Thanks to this facility, Turkey will not only increase the added value of the boron mine, but also increase the added value of Turkey. Production of the third hardest substance in the world. and will become an important player in its sales.” said.

Headlines from Erdogan’s speech are as follows:

“In the past, the strategic importance of such products was not taken into account. We had problems because they were imported. We are well aware of the losses caused by the hidden and open embargoes we are exposed to in every critical product. The works carried out only within the body of ETİ Maden are a success story in themselves. We have a reserve.

Similar developments are taking place in other areas as well. A serious paradigm shift has begun in every place that sees production as drudgery and carries it to distant geographies. Turkey is in an advantageous position due to its logistics advantages and raw material potential. The basis of this advantage is the strong infrastructure we have brought to our country.

President Erdogan


We have full faith in our goal of making our country one of the 10 largest economies in the world. In recent years, we have passed through tough tests as a nation. We suffered for 2 years due to the epidemic. While we survived this crisis, we found it in the triangle of exchange rate, inflation and interest. Then we faced the catastrophe of the century. The pain of the lives lost in earthquakes and floods burns our hearts.

We are a nation that has not bowed down to any threat that comes before us and has resisted all of them with faith. On the one hand, we are removing the debris of the earthquake, on the other hand, we are building temporary shelters and starting the construction of permanent residences. Let’s not leave our citizens hungry in this snowy winter. We enable our people to connect to life while covering their wounds.

Important Statements from President Erdogan


We revive employment by supporting our producers in the earthquake zone. Our people who go to other places are slowly returning to their cities. By Allah’s leave, we will erase the traces of this disaster. I asked my citizens for a year’s leave in earthquake zones. Hopefully, we will finish the permanent residences within a year. We also build prefabricated cities from tent cities to container cities. Our aim is not to leave our citizens in the open.


The following statements of our citizens in the earthquake cities we visited increase our responsibility; Dad, don’t leave us with these… We know very well what they will do. Could these be my people? We are in trouble for life, they are in trouble with property. As the People’s Alliance, both I and Devlet Bey are traveling the region together. We will continue to walk towards the Turkish Century by establishing new safe and peaceful settlements.


While they are dealing with these, we are opening this giant facility for the diversification of the boron mine. It is haram to stop and rest and look elsewhere until we have achieved all these. To solve the problem in a part of Turkey, it is essential that the country be strong. For this reason, we do not neglect our other projects. Turkey’s car is one of them. Togg has started taking pre-orders. It reached a record demand rate in a short time. We will make deliveries gradually from the end of the month.

Important Statements from President Erdogan


Our effort to offer Black Sea gas to the service of our nation is one of them. Despite the delay caused by the earthquake, we will have the Black Sea gas system very soon. The main opposition tours Akkuyu Thermal Power Plant ‘Magnificent’. says. “We won’t.” they say. They say that they are taking a step towards natural gas and green energy in Akkuyu, but they will not. I blame my people. Just as the main opposition and its supporters once cut off the electricity, we are at this point again. On May 14, my fellow citizens will not give them this opportunity.


We will continue to serve our people on the path of truth with faith. As the People’s Alliance, we will implement the promises we made to our nation. We will not allow any obstacle to come between us and Türk Asri.”

Important Statements from President Erdogan

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