Implant Treatment in Turkey

Periodontal diseases, tooth decay and accidents that caused damage directly can cause teeth loss. In the past, doctors used to use dental bridges or dentures to repair the damage. On the other hand, those techniques have their own disadvantages. Thus, dentists developed the implant technology which can satisfy their patients’ health and aesthetic needs. With implants, the missing tooth can be repaired without removing other healthy teeth like they do in dental bridges. In addition, implants are permanent and fixed so they will not slip around your mouth.

A tooth implant is an artificial tooth that replaces your missing tooth, and it will work as well as your natural teeth while looking perfectly natural. Tooth implants, when correctly positioned against your jawbone with the appropriate technique, can prevent problems such as facial droop and atrophy by keeping your face in its proper form.

It is crucial to understand the patient’s situation. First, X-Rays are taken with highly advanced devices. After they are taken, the method and the duration of the implant treatment will be declared to the patient. If there is a case of gingivitis, appropriate treatment will be applied before the implant treatment which will prepare your jaw for the treatment. 

After the suitable conditions are met, implant treatment starts. The procedure is done under local anesthesia. This way, you will not feel any pain during the procedure. Your gum is cut, and the implant is fixed to your jawbone to act as a tooth root. After that, the process of healing begins. During this process, the implant will fuse to your jawbone. The duration of healing depends on the patient’s situation.

After the healing process has been completed, your prosthetic tooth’s crown, which gives it a natural appearance, is inserted. Because they are custom-made for your mouth and constructed of the finest materials, your artificial tooth will appear to be your natural teeth and won’t create any aesthetic issues. When the crown of your tooth settles, the treatment is completed.

Dental implant treatment is one of the most popular dental treatments due to its numerous advantages. With their high success rates, dental implant treatment in Turkey are extremely popular. With its skilled and professional dentists, Turkey has met the patient’s demands while also gaining their trust.

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