Immortals of the Aveum review

A world dominated by magic and a country that has declared war on other kingdoms to dominate that world.

A realm that is the last bastion of the Resistance and a soldier who stands out. These events, which are the basic story of most fantastic works, are at the core of Immortals of Aveum. In the game, where we start as a drifter with the character of Jak, we soon become one of the soldiers of our country Lucium and try to stop Rasharn who invades all the realms.

Although Immortals of Aveum is a magic-themed game, it doesn’t differ much from normal FPS games. Instead of putting weapons into the game, the producers placed magic shots, but left the basic mechanics the same. In other words, instead of picking up a machine gun and firing it, you can use the green spell option to shoot magic at your enemies in a scanning way. The red spell colour seems to have been added to the game as a shotgun. There is also a blue spell colour, which has a number of shots and a rate of fire in between. I say the number of shots because after you shoot your spell a certain number of times, you renew your spell again like reloading a magazine. In short, when you hear the description of a magical world, I recommend you not to expect a Harry Potter-style production.

While we perform our basic attacks with 3 different spell colours in the game, there are also different types of spells that contribute to the gameplay such as slowing down time, pulling our enemies close to us with a whip-shaped spell, and moving certain objects.

Immortals of Aveum has a linear gameplay structure. Offering an average experience of 20-25 hours, the game manages to maintain its story-oriented structure to the end. While RPG elements, which are indispensable for today’s games, take their place in this production, we encounter a skill tree where we can improve our basic spells, buy new equipment and improve our existing equipment. Fortunately, it is not as complex as classic RPG games and the relatively limited options ensure that we do not lose our main focus in the game.

Despite being developed with Unreal Engine 5, Immortals of Aveum is visually standard. While the game fails to stand out with its character modelling or environment design, the lighting effects do justice to the colour-driven spells. While the controls and animations are another prominent aspect of the game, the feeling of hitting during battles or your character’s reaction to the blows your character receives is not distinct enough. This causes one of the main focal points of the game, the moments of conflict with the enemy, to be a bit overshadowed.

Considering the scarcity of linear shooters today, Immortals of Aveum will manage to achieve a certain standard and provide a sufficient gaming experience for the fans of the genre. The fact that the game was released between two expected games of the year such as Baldur’s Gate III and Starfield will show whether it is a marketing mistake or a brave decision.

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