“I’m In Space Send Me Money To Get Back To Earth!”

A person in Japan sent 30 thousand dollars to a person he met online. In her application to the police, the victim woman said that the fraudster told her that she was an astronaut and that she needed money for her return ticket to Earth. Wanting to reunite with her lover in space, the woman paid a small fortune.

A 65-year-old woman in Japan lost $30,000 in a recent gravity-defying online scam.

According to local media reports in Japan, the fraudster convinced the woman that he was a Russian cosmonaut who could not afford his return ticket to Earth.

The couple began texting on Instagram on June 28, and the scammer claimed to be a cosmonaut aboard the International Space Station (ISS). At times he blamed poor cell service on the orbiting space station for the lack of communication.

Confessed His Love

Their relationship quickly escalated when the false cosmonaut confessed his love for her, claiming that he wanted to marry her when he returned to Earth.

However, the fake cosmonaut mentioned a very important problem here. The cosmonaut did not have enough money for a return ticket, so he could not return to Earth.

The old woman sent a total of 4.4 million yen ($30,000) in ticket money to her astronaut chest boyfriend in order to meet face to face. The woman made five money transfers in total, but she could not reunite with her lover.

The truth came out when the Japanese woman, who suspected that she had been defrauded, applied to the police.

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