Ideal For Those Who Want Investing in Turkey Sector: Tourism

One of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and tourist potential of reaching 40 million annual Turkey offers great opportunities for foreigners who want to invest in the tourism sector.
Turkey which exact midpoint in Asian, European, African and Middle Eastern countries has four seasons can be experienced at the same time, due to the presence of suitable accommodations for every budget, is the favorite of foreign tourists in many years. Four Seasons sun unique coast of the southern Black Sea lush mountains and plateaus, centuries dozens of civilizations make historic structures located on each side of Anatolia due to provide a Türkiye’y exclusive location for both nature and cultural tourism.
In particular, the government has provided incentives for investing in the tourism sector to domestic and foreign investors in the tourism sector will be understood if we consider that one of the most ideal sector to invest in Turkey.
Now let’s look at the state statistical state of the tourism sector to promote tourism in the area and in Turkey.

Istanbul and Antalya are The Most Popular Places

Most sought-after cities by tourists in Turkey are Istanbul and Antalya. Istanbul, since it is a global city of the world in many countries, millions of tourists while shooting in Antalya The total number of tourists coming to Turkey, according to data from 2016 from tourist destinations because of the unique nature of this issue, while 25.3 million were 36.2 million in 2015. It is worth noting that current and regional political conditions are influential in such fluctuations.

5 Star Hotel Paradise

It has more than 600 5-star hotel of international standards in Turkey. This is half of the hotel is located in the city of Antalya, the most exclusive zone of tourism in Turkey. Europe’s best golf courses, football, spa and congress tourism is one of the favorite destinations of Antalya, Turkey’s top tourist draw in this sense, one of the provinces. Antalya was ranked 10th with 11.1 million foreign visitors on the list of the 100 most visited cities in the world based on Euromonitor International’s 2015 tourism data.

A Unique Country in terms of Nature Tourism

Turkey in terms of nature tourism has natural beauty found in very few countries. Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Black Sea Plumes, mountains such as Erciyes, Uludağ, Palandöken which are suitable for winter tourism offer wonderful opportunities for both tourists and investors with more than 2,000 thermal springs in terms of thermal tourism.

Sea sand and sun

Turkey is a country surrounded by sea on three sides and especially Aegean and Mediterranean are coasts of places to visit are of intense interest. International Blue Flag jury grades beaches and sea water around the world according to criteria such as quality, cleanliness, safety. There are mainly the southern Aegean coast and including the year 2017 454 blue flag beaches in Turkey. This also Turkey’s coastal tourism with a length of 7,200 kilometer coastline that shows how much a country suitable. Turkey’s rivals in this area while Spain and Greece.

Very Rich in terms of Cultural Tourism

The Anatolian lands, which hosted Hittite, Phrygian, Urartu, Byzantine, Roman, Seljuk, Ottoman and many other civilizations for centuries, are filled with magnificent historical monuments, architectural structures and ruins. It is not only sea, sand, sun; For history lovers and tourists who want to visit museums and historical sites in Turkey it is one of the major countries to be seen.

What Incentives Are Offered In The Field Of Tourism?

In order to benefit from the incentives provided by the state in the tourism sector, “tourism operation certificate” should be taken.
Some of the incentives offered for tourism facilities with “tourism management certificate” are:

Land Allocate

Tourism Promotion According to the law, treasury and forest estate can be allocated by the state to investors for investments in tourist facilities. The allocated land is open for the use of the investor for 49 years. Annual rent is paid to the state in very small quantities.

Tax Discount

The facilities which are tourism operation certificate are provided incentives such as VAT and customs tax exemption, tax reduction, insurance premium support for employees, interest support.

Electricity, Water, Natural Gas Discount

Enterprises, which are tourism operating documents, pay electricity, natural gas and water charges over the lowest tariffs applied to industries and residences in that region. In this respect, tourism support is provided in the sense of energy.

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