Hürjet Made Its First Flight

Turkey's First Jet-powered Training And Light Attack Aircraft Hürjet, Developed By Turkish Aerospace Industries (Tai) With Domestic And National Capabilities, Made Its First Flight.

The HÜRJET, developed by TAI, has been on the runway before. HÜRJET is designed to play a critical role by utilizing its superior performance features with its single-engine, tandem cockpit and modern avionics suite.

The Hürjet project was initiated to replace the T-38 aircraft used in the Jet Training Program and the F-5 aircraft used in acrotim demonstrations in the Turkish Air Force inventory.

HÜRJET aims to complete the design, production, qualification and certification activities of the new generation jet trainer aircraft, which will replace the T-38 aircraft in the inventory of the Turkish Air Force and the F-5 aircraft used in aerobatic shows.

The first safe flight in the configuration determined within the scope of the project was carried out today. The flight was successful.

Among these targets is the completion of the project’s certification activities by the end of 2025 and the launch of the jet trainer variant.

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