How to Sell House with using Bitcoin ?

The changes in economy and trade around the world affect payment methods in many sectors such as real estate with the new world after Covid-19 pandemic. Bitcoin, which is the most known among digital currencies, is also used instead of money in housing sales. Digital currencies, which are becoming widespread in many sectors such as automotive, travel and informatics, are taking their place in the real estate sector day by day. Foreign investors can also buy housing with digital coins in Turkey.

With the new payment method developed especially for foreign investors, Bitcoin, an electronic currency, has been added to payment options such as Turkish lira, Dollar, and Euro. After Covid-19, with the emergence that the world can no longer continue in the order we are used to, it is predicted that this epidemic has changed the world irreversibly and strategies in every sector will change direction with the help of new technologies.

Digital Currencies Became Trend on House Sales

Recently, it is revealed that digital technologies are an important part of commercial transactions in many areas. Digital currencies are becoming an accepted form of payment day by day. The traditional way of operating is being replaced by more reliable and technological solutions. Solutions such as digital contracts and payment by digital money stand out especially in sectors with high transfer volume. Digital currency technologies continue their trend as a payment method in housing sales.

It is predicted that buying houses with digital currencies will take more place in the future. Digital coins or cryptocurrencies offer faster and easier payment options that only require internet access. buy houses in Turkey, especially in terms of foreign investors living abroad, thereby gaining quite ease. Smart solutions such as digital payment methods provide great convenience not only for companies, but also for individual investors who invest in housing. While traditional sales and payment methods are abandoned with digitalization, it is known that the new trend will be digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

Sales Volume is Increasing

The number of house sales with Bitcoin is increasing day by day. Especially foreign investors in residential sales in Turkey due to citizenship is recognized in the industry is taking an important place in housing sales to foreigners. 25% of sales to foreign investors are made with Bitcoin. For the last 3 years, it is known that foreign investors have been sold with Bitcoin. Turkey to transfer money from abroad with traditional methods requires a very long process. The advantage of using digital currencies comes into play especially at this point. Payments made with Bitcoin can be transferred to the other party’s account much faster. In this way, transactions are carried out faster. For this reason, the parties show great interest in housing sales with digital money.

The sales made by Bitcoin while a large part by foreigners, expatriates and citizens is looking hot with digital money to pay living in Turkey. After the pandemic conditions, it’s expected to reach the maximum number of housing sales in Turkey when compared the past times. In this case, the use of digital currency like Bitcoin in housing sales in Turkey is quite a large market need shows can respond very quickly. With the use of digital money, sales are expected to increase more.

The Advantages of Real Estate Investment by Bitcoin

Buying housing with Bitcoin includes some advantages. Thanks to payment with digital currencies, transactions such as money transfers between accounts are carried out more reliably and quickly without any currency loss. For foreigners who want to invest in digital currencies in the real estate sector, it is very advantageous to buy housing with Bitcoin. Foreign investors, in particular by investing in a country like Turkey rapidly increased the value of housing in the area, they can do more free and secure their investments.

Digital currencies with a global market value of 140 billion USD; It is actively used in travel, food, informatics and automotive as well as in the real estate sector. Residential investment is one of the most attractive countries in Turkey, the foreign housing sales Bitcoin (BTC) in addition Ripple (XRP), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Litecon (LTC) Digital currencies such as Tether (USDT) and Stellar (XLM) are used.

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