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How to make a crypto price prediction? Is Predict the solution?

In the crypto money world, tools with artificial intelligence technology continue to become widespread. The new tool, called yPredict, predicts the price of cryptocurrencies with artificial intelligence.

Crypto price predictions are made using various analysis methods and technical indicators. Investors and analysts try to predict future price movements by analyzing past price movements, trading volumes, market sentiment and other factors.
However, with the crypto market becoming more prevalent and a range of digital assets being released every day, navigating the digital space and obtaining reliable information to increase potential earnings can sometimes be difficult for investors. Also, crypto traders occasionally state that they are overwhelmed with the technical details of algorithmic integrations to execute trades.

yPredict (YPRED) Paves the Way for Crypto Price Prediction with Artificial Intelligence

To overcome these challenges in the crypto world, developers started building artificial intelligence (AI)-based platforms. According to crypto commentators, some of the advantages these platforms offer could be:

  • Big data analytics: Artificial intelligence can quickly analyze large amounts of data and extract meaningful patterns and relationships from that data.
  • Fast and continuous learning: AI-based platforms can be constantly updated with new data and quickly adapt to new trends.
  • Freedom from emotional effects: Artificial intelligence is not affected by the emotional effects of the human factor and can analyze objectively.
  • Here is a promising project called yPredict, which has just stepped into the world of crypto money by combining all these advantages.

yPredict is a cutting-edge crypto platform that integrates powerful artificial intelligence algorithms that work with financial markets to replace traditional forecasting strategies in crypto markets.

This innovative project provides users with real-time forecasts needed to unlock opportunities in the crypto market. Investors who want to buy yPredict tokens take advantage of the low price offered by the pre-sale.

Currently on pre-sale, its native token YPRED raised over $472,000 in just a few days when it was released, attracting global investors looking to invest in the rapid growth potential of the billion-dollar AI ecosystem.

Features That Make yPredict Unique

Traders use algorithms because of their utilities that can scan hundreds of investments per second compared to the ability of human traders. However, unlike human traders, algorithms trade without detailed insights into market opportunities to exploit. This makes it more difficult, less predictable and complex for investors to analyze.

The yPredict platform claims to offer solutions to these challenges by incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to provide traders with the fundamentals and technical information needed to make market decisions. yPredict offers a rich list of features, helpful tools and trading channels that enable traders to make better market decisions. Here are some of the features that make it stand out:

  • yPredict includes analytics tools and platforms designed to provide actionable market insights and analytics.
  • yPredict is building a Marketplace of generative artificial intelligence models that can predict the price of a crypto asset in the next day, week or month.
  • Unlike traditional algorithms, which do not contain detailed information about the execution of the trade, yPredict claims to be completely open and detailed in how the predictions are reached. Thus, investors can take advantage of yPredict algorithms to have reliable insights about crypto analytics, weigh different forecasts and apply various strategies to generate potential income.
  • Users can take advantage of the platform’s artificial intelligence-supported price prediction tool for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Arbitrum, Solana and many more altcoins. It is stated that the prediction tool is a very useful tool for new altcoins that experience frequent price fluctuations when they are first listed on crypto exchanges.
  • Another important feature that yPredict provides to traders is its technical analysis base, which can identify more than 100 trading chart patterns. Thus, more than 100 graphic patterns can be automatically detected. Additionally, traders can use the indicator analysis tool to test over 100 trading indicators on crypto assets. This gives users a general idea of digital assets that are bullish or bearish.
  • Investors can also access the project’s market sentiment analysis to get breaking news and in-depth information about the coins. This is a particularly useful feature given the significant impact news and social media have on crypto assets, including major alt and meme coins.
  • YPRED, a Polygon blockchain-based token, is used to pay for memberships and prediction models available on the Marketplace. In addition, on the yPredict platform, your memberships; It is planned to be offered at three different levels as free, active and professional. Thus, investors, analysts and developers have the opportunity to access various features with different membership plans.


The yPredict project, which offers a brand new perspective supported by artificial intelligence to understand the markets, draws attention with its ongoing pre-sale event. Investors who want to buy yPredict tokens can have YPRED token by paying with ETH, MATIC, BNB, USDT tokens or by paying by card.

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