How Often Do iPhone Owners Replace Their Phones?

A CIRP report has been released on how many years iPhone users have used their old phone and when they upgraded to a new iPhone.

CIRP has released a report showing how long Apple users use their iPhone before switching to new iPhones. According to the published report, it is also stated that there has been a decrease in iPhone demand in recent years.

Increase in 2022 Due to COVID

From 2019 to 2021, it’s clear that Apple customers are using their phones longer, with 34% of iPhones 3 years old or older. Interestingly, this trend is offset by 2022, while the latest data from March shows that most Apple users have used their phones for 2-3 years. The biggest reason for the iPhone upgrade increase, which is 1-2 years old in 2022, is thought to be the interruption of travel and entertainment expenses caused by COVID.

How the changes in the tendency to use iPhones for a longer period of time will take shape will be observed in the coming months.

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