How do Bachelors Completing their Education Take Residence Permit?

Turkey is seen as an important education harbour which develops recently in education field and hosts student coming from many countries. Developed university education system and presence of many different advantages together for foreign students mean that Turkey will host more students in education field.

As each developed country, in cases like residing, working, studying, etc. in Turkey, it is acted in accordance with legal legislation and the permits which covers certain periods, allows wandering easily in country are granted to persons. “Residence permit for foreign student” which will continue during studentship period will be over with the end of studentship and new procedures will come into play for persons. Well, how can the bachelors completing their education obtain residence permit?

How is Residence Permit taken in Turkey?

Work and residence permits for the foreigners whose studentship right end and graduate enter within the scope of type of other residence permits. Graduated foreign students may apply to type of permit they meet its conditions in 10 days from ending date of residence.

How Residence Permit Application is made in Turkey?

  • The applications to be made for residence permit are made over internet by logging in e-residence system from address.
  • All information requested in e-residence system is filled out completely and following this action, date of appointment is taken.
  • During the application, the documents indicated in system should be made complete till date of appointment and you should be present at the address stated on the stroke of appointment clock.
  • In the event of being late to appointment hour, the appointment is cancelled and it is required to get an appointment over internet for a new day again.

What are Residence Permit Conditions in Turkey for Foreigners?

Residence permits in Turkey subsequent to end of university education are granted to foreign students in two different types, short term and long term residence permits.

Short Term Residence Permit

Short term residence permits constitutes a type of residence permit that foreign persons may apply if they do business or have got an immovable in Turkey. Short term residence permits cover maximum two year-period. Provincial Immigration Authority Directorate is   competent institution for short term residence permit.

Long Term Residence Permit

In order to obtain long term residence permit in Turkey, foreign persons have to residence at least eight years uninterruptedly in Turkey. Following the applications which are made in e-residence section of the internet site of Provincial Immigration Authority Directorate, requisite certificates are prepared and application is made personally to Immigration Authority Directorate.

What Certificates are required to take Residence Permit in Turkey?

  • Application form for residence permit may be obtained over official internet site of Provincial Immigration Authority Directorate.
  • Original copes and photocopies of passport or the certificates used instead of passport
  • 4 pcs passport photos should be taken recently and in line with appearance regulation.
  • The certificates showing how persons will earn a livelihood in the time to be stayed in Turkey and the financial possibilities they have got should be declared.
  • Title deed demonstrating that housing belongs to applicant or original or certified copies of rental agreement documents…
  • Health insurance which encompasses all health expenses of persons and be valid in Turkey

New Regulation about receiving Residence Permit in Turkey

According to new regulation published on January 12 2017 in Official Gazette, the foreigners who want to receive residence permit in Turkey should meet the following conditions.

  • The persons who have realized fixed capital investment of at least 2.000.000 USD Dollars, determined by Ministry of Economy
  • The persons who have immovable valued at minimum 1.000.000 USD Dollars, determined by Ministry of Environment and Urbanization
  • The persons being owner of the enterprises where at least 100 persons are employed, determined by Ministry of Labour and Social Security
  • The persons who promise keeping at least 3.000.000 USD Dollars in the banks operating in Turkey for three years, determined by Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency

may acquire Turkish citizenship upon offer of Ministry or  with  the resolution of Council of Ministers.

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