How can foreigners who gained citizenship right benefit from health services ?

The quality and composition of health services which is one of the most basic needs of human being should measure with accessibility. Turkey is one of the leading countries from the point of health services for Turkish citizens and foreigners.

How to benefit from General Health Insurance ?

Considering the principle of reciprocity, foreigners who have been granted a residence permit are entitled to benefit from general health insurance;

  • Foreigner shouldn’t be insured in in any other country except Turkey and shouldn’t have a right to benefit from health insurance.
  • Foreigners who completed one year residence period in Turkey and demanded to benefit from the health services, can benefit from the health services.

In order to get benefit from health services and be included in the scope of general health insurance, foreigners should apply the nearest social security centers. The following documents are requested from foreign nationals during the applications;

  • Original or approved form of residence permit
  • Original or certified photocopy of the official health care provider indicating the general health insurance application from the social security institution of the country concerned,
  • Commitment form

At the end of the legal time foreign person behind all of the required documents and application can benefit from health services in Turkey. Family members who are liable to take care of foreign nationals who are covered by universal health insurance can benefit from these health services as well.

Who can get benefit from health services ?

The spouses and children who are studying outside Turkey or who benefit from health services in another country can’t benefit from the health services in Turkey. Only foreign nationals’ ;

  • Their spouses,
  • Their children who are under 18,
  • His/her children who are not married and have not completed the age of 20 in the case of high school or equivalent education,
  • His/her Children who are not married and have not completed the age of 25 in the case of Higher Education,
  • Regardless of age, his/her children who determined as invalid
  • Parents whose livelihood is determined according to criteria determined by the Institution provided by the foreign national can benefit from health services

How much does health premiums for foreign citizens ?

Foreign nationals are required to pay health care premiums and 24% of the minimum wage rate benefit from all of the health services in general and health insurance from Turkey.

What do Foreign Students Need to Benefit from the Health Services ?

For foreign students who continue education life in Turkey, 1-year residence permit is not required and educational institutions to register students who request it in 3 months starting from the date on which they are covered by public health insurance. There is no health insurance or health care for foreign students who do not have a student during this period.

The health premiums paid by foreign students are 4% of the minimum wage. All health premiums of the students covered by the universal health insurance must be paid within 30 days provided that they are valid on the registration date.

The bonus differences arising from changes in the minimum wage must be paid by the end of the month when the change is implemented.

Benefit from Health Services for Foreign Students who are under 18 years old

Pursuant to the aggreements between public administrations, institutions and foundations which are forefoot of education in Turkey for foreigners and Social Security Institution, actualized health rights of foreign students who are under 18 years old.

In addition, requests for registration of students under 18 years of age and other foreign nationals; the student’s parent or student organizations and institutions that can be fulfilled by Turkey.

How to terminate health insurances for Foreign Citizens ?

  • Completing residence permit duration,
  • Being insured in another country except Turkey ,
  • Being insured in another insurance scope except general health insurance,

the health insurances of foreigners will terminate and their right to benefit from  free health services in Turkey will be cancelled.

Benefit from Health Services of Refugees in Turkey

Non-stateless persons and foreign nationals in international protection requests must apply to the Ministry of Interior or the General Directorate of Immigration for the benefit of health services. Such people will not be health care premiums and benefit from free use of all health services in Turkey is provided.

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