High School Students in Turkey Developed Artificial Intelligence Robot: It Will Prevent Mining Accidents!

High School Students in Turkey Developed Artificial Intelligence Robot: It Will Prevent Mining Accidents!

High school students in Istanbul have developed an artificial intelligence robot that can prevent mining accidents. Here are other features of the robot!

8 students studying at Istanbul Küçükçekmece Cezeri Technical High School introduced the artificial intelligence robot they named SAFEBOT. The artificial intelligence robot exhibited at TEKNOFEST was designed to report mining accidents in advance.

High school students’ robot, which has important features, even received a sponsor offer from a Russian company.

Will Contribute to Wreckage Studies!

According to the statements of Project Captain Efe Çetin, the artificially intelligent robot will be able to report gas explosions, fires or other factors that will cause being trapped under debris.

The result of 6 months of work, this robot could be a great opportunity to prevent mine explosions.

The wheel structure of the robot was inspired by the Mars Rover vehicle sent to Mars. All of the parts were designed by the students.

SAFEBOT, which can be reduced in size, can be used not only to report mining accidents but also in earthquake debris.

High school students stated that they wanted to reduce the number of deaths by drawing attention to mining accidents in our country and that this was the main purpose of developing the robot.

Artificial Intelligence Robot

Here are the project captain’s explanations about the robot:

“The vehicle measures gas and provides information in case of danger. In the event of a cave-in, it can observe the workers trapped inside and create a map for search and rescue teams. There are gas sensors on our vehicle. These measure the gas change and provide information. There is a reader on the back of our vehicle.

You can think of it as an entry and exit card. It keeps the identity of the people who enter the mine site and determines whether they leave in case of emergency. We have a mapping device on our vehicle.

It maps the mine in a simulation environment. In the event of being trapped under debris, the vehicle is sent back inside to map the debris and transmit it to search and rescue teams.

Our vehicle is called SAFEBOT, meaning ‘safe artificial intelligence’ vehicle. The wheel structure was taken from the Mars Rover vehicle sent to Mars. Our vehicle is fully autonomous and can be used under rubble in earthquakes by reducing its size.”

So how did you find the invention of high school students? You can share your comments with us in the box below.

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