High School Student Made His Own Motorcycle With Waste Parts

A 17-year-old high school student living in Sinop, inspired by the videos he watched on social media, designed a three-wheeled motorcycle from old vehicle parts.

Eyüp Köksal, an 11th grade student at Türkeli Mimar Sinan Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School in Sinop, decided to make a motorcycle a year ago.

Influenced by Videos on Social Media

Influenced by the videos he watched on social media, Köksal started working an intern at a motorcycle repair shop in the district.

Köksal, who first formed the body part of the motorcycle from the old irons sent for recycling, then repaired the engine of an old motorcycle and mounted it to his vehicle.

Köksal, who created the motorcycle of his dreams by using old vehicle tires and wheels, told the AA correspondent that when he saw the people making motorcycles on social media, he also started to be enthusiastic about this business.

“The engine came from the scrap dealers, I collected it myself”

Stating that he used the materials to be recycled in his workplace where he worked as a trainee, Köksal continued as follows:

“When I decided to make the motorcycle, I only had the axle behind it. It was the axle of an ATV vehicle. I walked completely on it. I took measurements according to it, adjusted the front and rear according to it. First I assembled the chassis, then the wheels and rims. The engine was not from scrap dealers, I collected it myself. I raised your power myself.”

Explaining that he used the materials of three old vehicles in the construction of the motorcycle, Köksal noted that he plans to make a more beautiful motorcycle in the future.

“They told me ‘You can’t do it, don’t try for nothing'”

Stating that many of his friends tried to discourage him when he started to build the motorcycle, Köksal said, “They told me, ‘You can’t do it, don’t worry about it’. As always, I said, ‘I’ll do it,’ and I did.”

Emphasizing that he does not use his motorcycle in areas open to traffic, Köksal said, “I use it in traffic-free areas, excavation sites and villages.” used the phrase.

Source: AA

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