He Found Oil In Drilling While Searching For Water In Turkey!

The oil excitement in Manisa’s Salihli district has come to the fore again with the news this year. A farmer looking for water for his vineyard near the borehole where oil-like black liquid came out last year faced a similar situation. The black liquid coming out of the well will be examined. The owner of the field, Hilmi Yilmaz, stated that he was very surprised about the oil-like liquid coming out of the water well and said, “We were waiting for water.”

Once again, oil excitement gripped the Salihli district of Manisa. A farmer searching for water in his field encountered a black liquid resembling crude oil while drilling. To be sure, that liquid he ignited caught fire and set the olive trees on fire. A similar incident took place this year during a water drilling in an olive grove last year.

While the studies were continuing in Salihli district of Manisa by the Turkish Petroleum Corporation, a similar report came from the place where the black oil-like liquid came out last year.

A farmer searching for water for his vineyard in an olive grove encountered black liquid resembling crude oil while drilling. The liquid ignited by the farmer, who wanted to be sure of the liquid coming out of 208 meters, caught fire and set the olive trees on fire.


He reactivated his 10-year-old well to irrigate his vineyard, but the result did not change. This oil-like liquid came out again from the well in Hilmi Yilmaz’s vineyard, this time from 208 meters.

In his statement, Hilmi Yılmaz said, “We hit the pump again, here we hit the pump to help water a little more, we opened it, the black liquid remains the same again. We thought about what we should do, but we will still use it, but we were uncomfortable when the oil came out, in fact, we are waiting for water. We were waiting for water, we did not want oil at that moment, that is, for irrigation,” he said.

While it was reported that a sample would be taken from the black liquid coming out of the well to be examined, it was learned that a similar liquid emerged from the drilling works carried out in the same region last year.

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