He Drank His Urine Under the Rubble And Survived!

The 17-year-old, who was pulled out of the rubble of a 5-storey apartment building and said that he survived by drinking his urine and eating the flowers his mother grew, told about 94 hours.

17-year-old Adnan Muhammet Korkut, who was under the rubble in Gaziantep’s Şehitkamil district and was rescued after 94 hours, made his family smile.

Adnan, who was not separated from his mother in the hospital, told about his experiences.

Expressing that he was under the rubble due to the earthquake while lying in the living room, Adnan Muhammet Korkut said:

“I drank my own urine, ate flower pieces”

“I took the blanket over me so I wouldn’t get cold. I drank my own urine to survive. There were parts of the flowers my mother grew, I ate it. My feet were freezing too. I found a piece of clothing. I wore socks on my feet. That’s how I spent the time. The area I am in is the living room of the house, but it is between my elbow and the gap of my hand. I couldn’t walk on my knees, I marched. I tried to survive that way. At first I lost my phone. 6 hours later the alarm rang. I took the phone in my hand. The network was not working. I struggled in the stones to get the network. The second day of charging is over. I waited desperately for AFAD.”

“I tried to pray, I sang a hymn”

“There were screaming sounds from outside. I had a small dog, his voice was heard. Their voices came to me, mine did not go away. I just waited for help. At that moment, I asked my Lord for help. I did not let my Lord drop my tongue. I always prayed to get out. You feel helpless, you feel that everything is empty. I waited for help from the only AFAD. Are my parents and siblings alive, I was stressed out. I tore myself up. I tried to pray. There was sing a hymn. I had a piece of stick in my hand. I tried to make my voice heard by banging on the ceiling. Thanks to the AFAD team on the 4th day He came to help. I thank them for that too. May God not give it to anyone.”

“I smashed the stick against the ceiling”

Korkut stated that he wanted water as soon as he got rid of the wreckage and continued as follows:

“I ate some of the flowers my mother grew. To fill my stomach. I tried to make do with my own urine. As soon as the teams reached me, I tried to use my voice one last time. I was following the days. I prayed, ‘My Lord, today will be Friday evening, Lord, good news’. I heard shouting from next to me. I broke the stick in my hand hitting the ceiling. I tried to do something with a life towel. The teams sent their voices to me. They couldn’t break it because my place was not clear. Crews were on me. They knew me but could not hear my voice.”

As soon as it came out, he asked for water

“Then I saw that a light came from a hole in the distance. They said Adnan. They said where are you? I said I’m alive. They said can you come to the place we said. Then I waited for 5 hours. After that, I came out with my own efforts, that’s what happened. As soon as I came out, I just asked for water. I really needed water. My mother cooks me a nice meal, we go to my aunts so we can have a nice meal. I would like to thank the AFAD, GASKİ team.”

To Be Discharged

Mother Pakize Korkut hugged her son in tears and said, “My Lord has forgiven us. May Allah help those under the earthquake. We waited a long time, but it ended with a happy ending.” she said.

Adnan Korkut, who was taken to X-ray in a wheelchair and is in good health, will be discharged after being kept under observation for a few hours.

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