He Couldn’t Be Executed for 23 Years Due to Fear of Needles!

Alan Miller, who was sentenced to death for his murders, escaped death for more than 23 years due to fear of needles. While Miller’s execution by injection went down in history as a scandal, it was accepted as a method to be applied for the first time in history.

Waking up to a normal day in the US state of Alabama in September 1999, Alan Miller woke up early as if he was going to work, even though he was off that day, and put on his favorite clothes. After having a long and nice breakfast, he left his house and set out to realize his plans.

He had planned for a long time what he would do today. If everything went according to plan, he would be completely free of all the problems in his life. Unlike the people around him, Miller hated any attention given to him. Let alone the attention, he even looked down on people who tried to communicate with him.


Chief among these were his colleagues with whom he worked. Miller hated them so much that he decided to put his own life on the line and make the situation go away. Miller described that day as the happiest day of his life.

When he came to work, all his colleagues started to look at him. There was no reason for it to be there. It was Miller’s day off, but he was still in the office. Before his colleagues could even ask him why he was there, he pointed the gun he had brought with him.


Here, Miller hurled bullets at his chief, Terry Jarvis, 39, Lee Holdbrooks, 32, and Christopher Scott Yancy, 28. Miller, who did not even bother to flee the scene after the bloody murders he committed, began to wait for the police teams here.

Police teams who arrived at the crime scene immediately arrested Miller. Miller, who appeared before the court in a short time, was sentenced to death. The events that would make Miller’s name known to the whole world were not the murders he committed, but what he would experience from this point on.


Lethal injection is used as the standard method of death in all states of the USA that still use the death penalty. In this method, the prisoner is killed with poison by stunning without pain. But that wasn’t the case for Miller.

Miller, who objected to this from the day he was sentenced until the day he was executed, was almost deathly afraid of needles. Even if it was necessary for execution, he would not accept it. He and his lawyer worked for 23 years to change this method.


Alan Eugene Miller ate his last meal in his prison and went towards this death sentence from which he could no longer escape. Although he did not lose his life in the execution, Miller, who was the person the world spoke to, survived here.

When the healthcare worker who was to carry out the execution could not find Miller’s vein, his arms were full of holes. Shocked by the picture he saw, the paramedic, in panic, inserted the needle into Miller’s foot in order to find a vein.

The execution of Miller, whose arms were full of holes and his last leg began to bleed, was postponed on the grounds that he was in a lot of pain. This incident both introduced Miller to the world and strengthened the hand of his lawyers.


With the cancellation of the execution, Miller’s fear of needles was taken into consideration again, and in the hearing held on 28 November, it was decided that Miller would not use the injection method again. Miller was approved to be executed by the nitrogen hypoxia method he had wanted for years.

Nitrogen hypoxia, which was accepted as a usable method in the USA in 2018, will be applied for the first time in the country’s history. The date of Miller’s execution, which will be a first in the country’s history, is still to be determined.

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