Haluk Levent Rejected Time Magazine’s Award!

Famous singer and founder of the AHBAP association, Haluk Levent, entered the list of the 100 most influential people in the world in 2023, prepared by Time Magazine. Haluk Levent refused to receive the award to be given. Here is the reason..

Famous singer Haluk Levent, the founder of the AHBAP association, was among the 100 influential people of 2023, prepared by Time magazine.

Haluk Levent, who managed to enter Time magazine’s “100 most influential people” list, refused to receive the award.

Making a statement on the subject from his social media account, Haluk Levent explained why he did not accept the award.

Haluk Levent, who published a flood on his Twitter account, gave the following statements;

“The official statement has just come. I was selected among the 100 most influential people, along with King Charles of England, President of the USA Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Beyonce, Messi, Bella Hadid, and Janet Yellen. 182 people were suggested from Turkey. The editors conducted research.

His power in the world rankings on Twitter. The power of view and interaction. Number of members. AHBAP’s work in the past and the recent earthquake. But the content made me sad. It is not something that I would accept to criticize the reference person, the state of the Republic of Turkey, over my work.

For this reason, I refuse the award and have decided not to go to America. During the earthquake, all state institutions, the government, all the opposition, municipalities and 18 thousand NGOs, that is, the whole country, were one heart and everyone was doing their best, and I decided not to get into these discussions. For your information.”

Haluk Levent, who expressed his discomfort with the article in Time, stated that it is not right to say such a thing to his country and he will not allow it.

Let’s remind the article for those who missed the article in Time magazine;
“After the disaster, where hope is the name of Haluk Levent, minutes mean the difference between death and life, and the Turkish government has proven to be extremely incompetent, AHBAP has already started working in the field to save lives.”

Haluk Levent’s behavior was greatly appreciated on social media. His followers gave commendable comments under the famous artist’s post..

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