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GTA SAN Car, Engine, Weapon, Money, Flying, Immortality Cheat and All Unknown Cheats

The world-famous GTA San Andreas game continues to be played fondly for years. There are GTA SA cheats such as cars, money, tanks, clothes, immortality, parachutes, ammo for those who want to make GTA San Andreas, played by everyone, big or small, easier and more fun. All password codes of GTA SA, which is among the most popular games of the GTA series, make it easy to pass difficult tasks. However, there are some criteria to activate GTA SA cheats. GTA SA car, engine, weapon, money, tank, ammo, clothes PC, PS cheats and all passwords? If you say “GTA San Andreas Cheats 2023” you can learn in detail from our content.

GTA San Andreas, which is popular in the game world, continues to be played by millions of people even though it was released in 2004. For those who want to bring GTA San Andreas, where there is no engine cheat, more fun and easy, all the cheats used must be entered when the game is open. Otherwise, the cheats are not valid. GTA San Andreas all known and unknown passwords help to complete tasks faster and pass easily in the game.

Cheats for GTA San Andreas 2023 for PC

LXGIWYL – Weapon pack 1
KJKSZPJ – Weapon pack 2
UZUMYMW – Weapon pack 3
ROCKETMAN – Gives Jetpack.
AIYPWZQP – Gives a parachute.
WANRLTW – Unlimited ammo.
NCSGDAG – Makes all your weapon levels hitman.
OUIQDMW – You also aim while driving.
HESOYAM – Health, Armor, $250,000
BAGUVIX – Immortality.
LXGIWYL – Weapon pack 1
KJKSZPJ -Weapon pack 2
UZUMYMW -Weapon pack 3
ROCKETMAN – Gives Jetpack.
WANRLTW – Unlimited ammo.
HESOYAM – Health, Armor, $250,000
BAGUVIX – Immortality.
ASNAEB – You get rid of the cops.
AEZAKMI – You are never wanted.
OHDUDE – Gives a helicopter.

GTA San Andreas Weather and Time Cheat 2023

ICIKPYH – It’s very sunny.
ALNSFMZO – Cloudy.
CFVFGMJ – Foggy.
MGHXYRM – Thunderstorms and storms.
CWJXUOC – Sandstorm.
YSOHNUL – Fast clock.
PPGWJHT – Fast gameplay.
LIYOAAY – Slow gameplay.
XJVSNAJ – Always night.
OFVIAC – Orange sky 21:00

GTA San Andreas Police, Levels and Power Cheat 2023

OSRBLHH – Adds 2 stars to your wanted level.
ASNAEB – You get rid of the cops.
LJSPQK – Wanted by the cops at level 6
AEZAKMI – You are never wanted.
MUNASEF – Adrenaline mode.
KANGAROO – Mega jump.
IAVENJQ – Mega punch.
AEDUWNV – You never get hungry.
CVWKXAM – Unlimited oxygen.
BTCDBCB – You’re fat.
KVGYZQK – You get thin, you stay skinny.
JYSDSOD – Maximum power.
OGXSDAG – Maximum trust.
EHIBXQS – Maximum attractiveness.
MROEMZH – You have gangs in every region.
BIFBUZZ – Gangs control the streets.

GTA San Andreas Car Cheats 2023

AIWPRTON – Grants Rhino.
CQZIJMB – Grants a Bloodring Banger.
JQNTDMH – Grants Rancher.
PDNEJOH – Gives a race car.
VPJTQWV – Gives a race car.
AQTBCODX – Gives Romero.
KRIJEBR – Gives stretch.
UBHYZHQ – Gives garbage truck.
RZHSUEW – Gives Cadillac.
JUMPJET – Gives Hydra.
KGGGDKP – Grants Hovercraft.
OHDUDE – Gives a helicopter.
AMOMHRER – Grants Tanker.
EEGCYXT – Gives dozer.
URKQSRK – Grants gliders.
AGBDLCID – Gives Monster.
FLYINGTOSTUNT – Demonstrator cheat
TRUEGRIME – Cleaner Tool cheat
CELEBRITYSTATUS – limousine cheat
ITSALLBULL – Dozer Cheat
VROCKPOKEY – Race Car Cheat
MONSTERMASH – Gives Monster Ride (4×4 giant jeep)

GTA SA San Andreas Vehicle Level Cheats 2023

CPKTNWT – You use all the tools at a high level.
XICWMD – Invisible tools. (does not affect engines)
PGGOMOY – Excellent vehicle control.
ZEIIVG – All lamps turn green.
YLTEICZ – Aggressive drivers.
LLQPFBN – Pink traffic.
IOWDLAC – Black traffic.
AFSNMSMW – Flying boats.
BGKGTJH – Cheap cars in traffic.
GUSNHDE – Fast cars in traffic.
RIPAZHA – Flying cars.
JCNRUAD – All vehicles on screen explode.
COXEFGU – All vehicles have nitro.
BSXSGGC – Vehicles you touch explode.
THGLOJ – Quiet traffic.
FVTMNBZ – Town vehicles in traffic.
VKYPQCF – Gives taxis nitro.
VQIMAHA – Maximizes the level of all vehicles.

GTA San Andreas Cheats That Impress Everyone 2023

  • AJLOJYQY – Everyone attacks each other.
  • BAGOWPG – Everyone hates you.
  • FOOOXFT – Gives everyone a weapon.
  • SZCMAWO – You commit suicide.
  • CIKGCGX – Beach party.
  • AFPHULTL – Ninja theme.
  • IOJUFZN – The people revolt.
  • PRIEBJ – Funhouse theme.
  • SJMAHPE – Gives everyone a 9mm gun.
  • ZSOXFSQ – Gives everyone rockets.

GTA San Andreas Muscle Cheat 2023

  • Max muscle: JYSDSOD
  • Minimum muscle and obesity: KVGYZQK

GTA San Andreas Unknown Cheats 2023

  • Stateofemergency – Toxic gas
  • Crazytown – Deadly Fire
  • Speedfreak – Nitro
  • Speedltup – Run fast
  • Professionalkiller – Killer Hitman
  • Ohdude – Helicopter
  • Fourwheelfun – ATV
  • Bagowpg – Bounty Hunter
  • Bgluawml – Launchpad
  • Ghosttown – Ghost town
  • Vrockpokey – F1 Car
  • Ajlojyqy – Owning a golf club
  • Jqntdmh – Own a farm
  • Ubhyzhq – Sorceress old woman
  • Jumpjet – Airplane cheat
  • Rocketman – Rocket cheat
  • Celebritystatus – Rich look
  • Professionalskit – Pro weapons
  • Jcnruad – Salt bomb
  • Cpkınwt – All cars explode
  • Brington – Everyone is looking for you
  • Buffmeup – XXX
  • NightProwler – XXX
  • AIYPWZQP – Parachute cheat

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