GTA 6’s map will be much larger than GTA 5

Fans of Grand Theft Auto 6, which will be officially announced soon, created the map of the game based on leaked clips. Accordingly, the map of GTA 6 will be three times the size of the previous game.

Grand Theft Auto 6 will be officially announced soon. Before the announcement, fans of the game created the game’s map based on leaked clips. According to the map created, it is estimated that the map of GTA 6 will be three times the size of the previous game.The map, put together by the GTA mapping community and shared by the Jason From Gta 6 2.0 account on Twitter (X), was created by calculating the distance between them using the coordinates seen in the leaked clips. According to estimated measurements, it has been determined that the distance between Vice City and Port Gellhorn is the length of the entire map of GTA 5. Therefore, it is stated that GTA 6 will have a much larger map.

It was announced on Twitter that the new trailer of the game will be shared next month. Although the release date of Grand Theft Auto 6 is not yet clear, the smoke screen about the game will soon disappear.

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