GTA 6 Will Be The Most Expensive Game In History: Its Budget May Exceed $1 Billion

Grand Theft Auto 6, which is eagerly awaited by gamers, may be the most expensive video game ever made.

YouTuber INTER, an expert on the Grand Theft Auto series, said that the total budget of Grand Theft Auto 6 will exceed $ 1 billion, which means that it will be the most expensive game in the history of the industry.According to the leaked information, the development costs of GTA 6 will be around $ 250 million, but the rest will be spent on marketing, logistics and other things. However, given how huge the popularity of the game is, Rockstar Games will be able to recoup its investment within the first month after GTA 6 launches.

GTA 6 Prepares to Break Records

The Grand Theft Auto series is known as one of the most popular series in the gaming industry, and Grand Theft Auto 5 is the second best-selling game in history. Its circulation exceeded 175 million copies. Ahead is Minecraft, which has sold 238 million copies.

It is currently the highest budget game in history, Star Citizen, and more than $ 500 million has already been spent on the development costs of this game.

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