Google Will Delete Inactive Accounts

Google has started notifying users about the updated policy for inactive accounts. Inactive Google accounts will be deleted.

Google announced that accounts that have not been used for two years will be deleted to improve user data protection and security.
Google plans to delete inactive accounts and content from December 1, 2023. The company will send multiple alert notifications to affected accounts (as well as backup email addresses, if set). These reminder emails will be sent at least eight months before any action is taken against the user’s account.

This strategy, which Google first announced in May, addresses potential security vulnerabilities related to inactive accounts. Old accounts are more likely to use outdated security methods such as repetitive passwords. This makes accounts vulnerable to dangers such as phishing, hacking and spam.

Which accounts will Google delete?

İlk silinecek hesaplar, kullanıcıların yeni açtıkları ve sonra hiç giriş yapmadıkları hesaplar olacak.

Ancak, aktif YouTube kanallarına bağlı hesaplar, hediye kartı bakiyesi olan hesaplar, kitap veya film gibi dijital ürünlerin satın alınması için etkinleştirilmiş hesaplar ve Google Play Store gibi mağazalardan indirilen uygulamalara bağlı hesaplar silinmeyecek.

Kullanıcıların silinme işlemini önlemek için en az iki yılda bir Google hesaplarına giriş yapmaları veya bir Google hizmetini kullanmaları yeterli olacak. Bu basit işlem, hesapların ve ilgili verilerin silinmesini önleyerek erişimi ve güvenliği koruyacak.

Google Description

“Google works hard every day to keep you and your private information safe by preventing unauthorized access to your Google Account with our built-in security protections. Keeping you safe means having strong privacy practices across our products to minimize the amount of time we retain your personal files and associated data. We want to protect your private information and prevent unauthorized access to your account, even if you are no longer using our services.

That’s why we’re updating the Google Account inactivity period to two years across all of our products and services. This change will begin to apply today and will apply to all Google Accounts that are inactive, meaning they haven’t been signed in or used for two years. Inactive accounts and their contents will be deleted as of December 1, 2023.”

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