Google Translate Now Knows 110 More Languages: Have You Heard of These Languages?

Google Translate Now Knows 110 More Languages: Have You Heard of These Languages?

Google has added 110 new languages to Google Translate, powered by PaLM 2 AI. From Afar to Cantonese, it offers translation to more than 614 million speakers. Here are the details!

Google Translate has established itself as an essential tool that helps millions of people around the world overcome language barriers. With this week’s announcement, the number of languages supported by Google Translate has almost doubled.

According to the company, this expansion, driven by the PaLM 2 artificial intelligence language model, represents the largest increase in Google Translate’s history.

Google Translate Expands Language Diversity, Adding 110 New Languages

Google has greatly expanded the language range of Google Translate using the PaLM 2 artificial intelligence language model. Among the 110 newly added languages are Cantonese, Afar, NKo, and Tamazight.

Google Translate

While most of these languages come from the African continent, some are spoken by millions of people, creating a communication bridge for an important global community.

It is emphasized that by breaking down language barriers, Google is enabling people to better understand the world, and it is stated that these newly added languages offer translation to approximately 8% of the world’s population. In particular, it is pointed out that even languages such as Manx, which were almost in danger of extinction, have been revived thanks to Google Translate.

In 2022, Google added 24 new languages using Zero-Shot Machine Translation technology, bringing the translation tool to a wider user base. Now, with PaLM 2, it is taking these efforts even further with the addition of 110 new languages.

In the future, they say, they will continue to support more language variants and comprehensively address spelling rules in collaboration with expert linguists and local speakers.

While Google Translate users have the opportunity to participate in a wider global communication network with the newly added languages, it is emphasized that this technology plays a critical role in preserving cultural diversity and linguistic diversity.

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