Google to Support 450 Families: 12,000 Dollars a Year!

Google to Support 450 Families: 12,000 Dollars a Year!

Google is co-funding a basic income project that gives $12,000 a year to help homeless families. Here are the details!

As basic income projects grow in popularity, Alphabet-owned Google is funding a program that will give $2.8 million to 450 California families struggling with homelessness to test whether cash can help them secure long-term housing.

What Does Google’s Funding Program Aim to Achieve?

Google, which attaches great importance to social support among search engines, will provide 225 families with guaranteed financial support of US$1,000 per month for five years without interruption. The other 225 families who provide support will receive $50 per month and will take on a control role.

The housing support program will also provide financial support to families who are participating in housing programs initiated by various aid agencies and who are one to three months away from losing their housing assistance.

The housing support project is managed and organized by single black mothers, 80 percent of whom have children under the age of five.

The Housing Solutions Lab and researchers will evaluate the results to measure how effective the payments are in helping families stay in their homes longer and spend on basic needs.

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