Google Opens Early Access To Chatgpt Rival Ai

Google Bard Opens Early Access

Google’s parent company Alphabet unveiled “Bard”, a technology that could rival the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT.

Although ChatGPT is still in the testing phase, it has managed to attract all the attention with its capabilities. It is even rumored that ChatGPT will replace Google.

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, can provide natural answers to many questions, almost like a personal tutor who knows everything.

Rival Artificial Intelligence From Google

Google’s parent company Alphabet recently introduced its “Bard” technology, which could rival the artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai pointed out that artificial intelligence is the deepest technology they are working on, and said that this technology can significantly improve life and open the door to new opportunities.

Google Bard Opens Early Access

Google has opened early access to its Bard AI. The US-based tech giant announced in a blog post on The Keyword that access to Bard is now open in limited regions.

The artificial intelligence, which is currently available in the US and the UK, can be accessed at

Google does not guarantee that its artificial intelligence Bard will always get things right. The company has admitted that something can go wrong with Bard and that it has had shortcomings in the past.

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