Google Now Launcher Shutting Down?

Google Now Launcher Shutting Down?

Google Now Launcher has been available for a while although it is not listed on the Play Store. The company has made its decision about the fate of the software. Details are here!

Before releasing the first Pixel phones in 2016,Google contributed a number of technologies with the company’s software, including the Google Assistant Launcher, but the Google NowLauncher has been delisted even since 2018 and has been replaced by the PixelLauncher. .

However, an app being unlisted means it can no longer be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Despite this, users who had previously installed the application were able to continue using the application.

Google Now Launcher

Google Now Launcher Shutting Down Completely

But today, what the folks at 9to5Google discovered in the Google app’s latest code string (version 14.14) revealed that the company is probably planning to finally shut down the GoogleNow Launcher. The said closure is expected to take place very soon, in April.

Unlike removing it from the list, it means that when an app is closed, it will no longer work on any device, even if it was pre-installed.

Google NowLauncher has been loved by Android phone owners for offering a cleaner user interface as well as an overall more fluid and intuitive experience at a time when most Android skins are still lacking in many aspects. After its complete removal, we will see the reactions of users on this issue in the coming days.

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