Google is Saying Goodbye to Another Service: Which Feature is Being Added to the Google Graveyard?

Google is Saying Goodbye to Another Service: Which Feature is Being Added to the Google Graveyard?

Another new service is being added to the famous Google Graveyard. Starting in July, users will no longer be able to use this service. Here are the details!

As it is known, Google closes underutilized and unpopular services after a certain period of time and adds them to the famous “Google Graveyard”. According to new information, Google is preparing to add another new service to this graveyard.

The chat feature, which is accessible to those who use Google Business Profile, was decided to be shut down when it did not attract the expected interest. The company announced that it will completely remove this feature in a few days.

Google Business Profile Chat Feature is Closing

The exact date when the chat feature designed exclusively for businesses will be removed has also been announced. The feature, which will be discontinued a few months later, on July 31st, will no longer be able to start a new conversation with businesses.

Google Graveyard

Customers used to be able to use the feature to contact a business via direct message when they found it on Google Search and Maps. However, this was not a very popular feature, which led to the end of the road.

Customers using the feature will be notified on July 15th, marking the last day the feature will be supported. While the feature will continue to be available until the last day, Google is telling users to consider alternative channels to keep in touch with businesses.

Businesses that want to download the chat history record will also be able to do so through Google Takeout until August 31, 2024.

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