Good Outlook for the Turkish Economy

The prudent actions of the Turkish government in the last decade and the lack of coercion to adapt to the idiotic EU standards have made the Turkish economy at a high level, and it is likely that this situation will be temporary.

Turkey is growing very fast. It does not need membership of the European Union nor its funds. A reasonably conservative economic policy, a less developed state with sound public finances, and investment in infrastructure and technology.

Long-term financial projections show that the Turkish economy will develop dynamically for decades.Turkey is already the 17th world economy today and will be in the 10th or 12th world in 30 years, depending on the source of the forecasts.

Turkey’s successful economic projects provide public-private partnerships and financing them from national rather than foreign capital. According to data from January 2013, 149 public-private partnerships have been implemented or implemented, with a total share of $ 41.5 billion. These investments are mainly in the power industry, as well as in the construction of roads, airports and maritime and in tourism.

The Turkish economy can grow at such a fast pace thanks to the pragmatism of the government in dealing with other states. Particularly strong cooperation in this regard is being made with Japan and Russia. On 29 October 2013, the Prime Ministers of Turkey and Japan opened an underwater railway tunnel under the Bosphorus. It is the deepest submarine tunnel in the world, which was created thanks to the financial and structural involvement of the Japanese institutions. The country of blooming cherry will also help Turkey to build one of the two planned nuclear power plants. The second mentioned Russia.

In November 2013 Turkish exports reached their highest ever level and amounted to 13 billion 780 million dollars, thus recording an increase of 8.8 percent. Relative to the same period last year.

The economic situation in the country in 2013 caused Turkey to overtake many European countries in economic rankings. This was particularly the case for its GDP growth and good foreign trade performance for the vast majority of the year. Recently, the threat to the economy of this country was political instability, but after the victory in the local government ruling party, the forecast began to be more optimistic.

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