Giant Opportunity from Togg! Even with Minimum Wage

Giant Opportunity from Togg! Even with Minimum Wage

It was claimed that Togg will launch a new campaign special for minimum wage earners. So who will the campaign be special for? Here are the details!

Togg, Turkey’s domestic electric car, has been on the road for some time. However, the cost of parts, taxes and various other reasons make this car unattainable for a large segment of society. However, according to claims, a system similar to Toki is being worked on for citizens to buy Togg cheaply. Here are the details…

What is the Campaign to Provide Convenience to Low-Income Citizens?

It was claimed that Togg, which will add a version in the form of the latest B-SUV to the sales list in the near future, will also launch a campaign for low-income earners.


The campaign, which is claimed to include low-income rather than high-income in the conditions of buying a vehicle, will offer long-term and low installment payment options for low-income earners for Togg’s new B-SUV model, just like TOKİ housing.

With this new campaign of Togg, minimum wage citizens will also be able to own a new vehicle. If realized, it seems that it will be easier to own a Togg B-SUV thanks to long-term and low installment payment options.

This step, which Togg is expected to take, aims to facilitate access to the domestic automobile and increase our national pride. Thus, while sales in the automobile market come to a standstill, Togg will achieve a serious sales figure.

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