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What to do to Get an Appointment from State Public ?

Thanks to the investments made for health sector in Turkey, taking advantage of health services has become easier. By benefiting from the possibilities that technology provides, it is ensured that patients make an appointment easily, analysis results are accessed over online platforms.

Three different methods are available to get appointment from state hospitals in Turkey. Out of these, with the procedure which is best suited to you, you can make an appointment with health institutions.

How can I get an appointment ?

3 methods may be used to make an appointment:

  1. to get an appointment by going to a health institution
  2. to make an appointment by phone
  3. to get an appointment over internet

But making transition to these methods, there exist some special situations you should know. Let’s look at these in brief:

*In getting an appointment, you can make an appointment for a date most appropriate to you by considering eligibility of you and physicians.

*Persons being citizen of Republic of Turkey may get an appointment with their T.R. identity numbers using one of these methods.

*The Syrian citizens who acquire Temporary Protection Foreign T.R. identity number starting with number 98 and the refugees may also make an appointment with state hospitals by utilizing the procedures listed above.

What should the Foreigners not having Temporary Citizenship Number do?

On the other hand, the foreigners who have no temporary citizenship number and tourists should personally apply to the closest health institution    and take necessary information from the authorities there.

Getting Appointment by Going to Health Institution

Turkish citizens, those having temporary T.R. identity number and the foreigners who have no official record can benefit from the method relative to making an appointment by going to a health institution. In general, by going to the health institution closest to you, you can get an appointment from appointment table positioned in ground floor of this institution.

However, it would be better to get an appointment by going early hours in the morning. Because average 40 appointments may be gotten on behalf of one physician.   Then when appointment getting quota of a physician fills, it is impossible to make an appointment for that day.

If you live in a region where population is extensive, definitely visit hospital in early hours to make an appointment.

Getting Appointment with Phone no. 182

Turkish citizens and the Syrian citizens having temporary T.R. identity number may also make appointment, calling the phone no.182 from their home or cell phones.

What to consider in getting appointment with phone?

*some points should be taken into consideration while you make an appointment:

*you can get an appointment by phone earliest 1 day later.

*If you have something coming up after making an appointment or could not go to appointment it is recommended you to firstly call 182 at the latest 80 minutes before hour of appointment in order to cancel or postpone appointment.

*you can make maximum 1 appointment from certain polyclinic of a health institution, 2 at most from different polyclinics.

Taking Appointment over Internet

It is also allowed to get an appointment over internet via Central Physician Appointment System. For this, you can make use of Central Physician Appointment System’s (MHRS) mobile application compatible with IOS, Android and Blackberry operating systems or address.

The only thing you will need to make an appointment is T.R. identity number and membership of Central Physician Appointment System.

If you are not member to this system, by entering your data, you can be a member of Central Physician Appointment System in a few minutes. Subsequent to becoming member, by inputting your identity number and password of Central Physician Appointment System, you can get an appointment for a date most appropriate for you from all health institutions in Turkey. In addition, let us indicate that: If many physicians offer service in the same day, you are free pick the physician you wish.

Can I make an appointment over e-government ?

Through e-Government that citizens, a lot of public institutions may benefit from its services over internet, you can also get an appointment over Central Physician Appointment System.

By going to PTT branch closest to you, you can take your e-government password in exchange for 2 TL and enter in the system in this manner. Again, similarly you can also enter in e-government via internet banking

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