Germany Opens Its Doors To Turks!

Germany, which has a shortage of 7 million workers within the framework of long-term plans, opens its doors for foreign workers. Visa requirements have been greatly simplified for the group, which includes Turkish citizens.

Doors open in Germany in line with the demands of the job market. With the new decision taken, 400,000 foreign workers will be recruited annually and visa procedures will be facilitated.

It was announced that those who say “I am going to look for a job” can go to the country with a “Chance Card” and there is no diploma requirement for this.

The designs of the prepared “chance cards” were shared with the public.

The only requirement is to know German to a certain level, to have two years of work experience, to be of suitable age and to show that you can adapt to Germany. There will be a scoring system for this and the person will get their visa in a short time.

Workers will be recruited from non-EU countries and especially from Turkey.


The new draft law of the German government has been prepared and is expected to enter into force at the end of January. Even those who have the potential to do the specified job, those who have a master’s diploma, and those who have a journeyman’s certificate will be able to come to Germany with the “Chance Card to look for a job”.

Diploma or similar document equivalence of highly educated employees will be easier.


This time, workers will be recruited in other sectors besides “Turkish doctors”. Other sector employees will be able to come to Germany by applying with a “Chance Card”. Although some sections of the opposition are expected to object, some of the terms of the new draft law are as follows:


If those who know a little German and have skills in a certain field can prove this, they will be able to apply to the German Consulate General from Turkey and go to Germany “to look for a job”. Potentially, it will be seen if he does the job. They will be given a chance card and made to go with the scoring system. Those with education and language will have a better chance.


It will be even easier for those who receive job offers from Germany to obtain a visa. Equivalence of diploma or other documents will be easy. Criteria such as mastery, having worked in a journeyman job for more than two years will suffice.


After doctors, doors are now opening for engineers. As a matter of fact, the staff will be able to get their visa very easily when they get a job contract in Germany.


In this way, by 2035, 7 million employee gap will be closed. The opposition Christian Democratic Party also acknowledges the labor gap. Its government partner, the Liberal Party, also supports the plan, but advocates the establishment of the necessary legal infrastructure for the return of those who cannot adapt or whose employment contracts are terminated.


Doctors, engineers, well-educated and language-speaking teachers, other staff from the health sector will be able to come easily. In addition, there are new areas where the doors have not been opened so far. The service industry, hotels, logistics companies, takeaways, waiters, restaurants, construction industry will be able to bring any employee they want from Turkey.

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